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Sleep, Real Soon Now

I'd been planning to have a slow Sunday, sleeping in after a lovely date night with BB, getting up and responding to folks online and then maybe even getting some writing done, but it ended up being a tad more active.

I got a call from a fannish friend, asking if we could possibly rescue a family member who'd been unexpectedly stranded in downtown Chicago with a toddler, after missing a bus connection back to her place. After waking up a little more fully, I got into the car and headed south to the Loop, only to discover that I'd gotten to the wrong bus station - they weren't stranded at the Harrison Street Greyhound station, but at the stationless Megabus stop a little farther north and to the east. Gah.

While there had been some thought of me ferrying them to the Millenium Park station of the South Shore Line, which would have gotten them to South Bend, Indiana (hubby could have picked them up there rather than adding three hours round trip by having to come in all the way to Chicago), that turned out to be very sub-optimal. Why? Because there was a marathon being run right through the Loop, and getting to the Millenium Park station would have required driving through some barricades. The police tend to look askance at that.

So we brought 'em back to our place, I made some mac and cheese, fed 'em, and sent them to bed until hubby/dad came to pick them up. Mom had barely slept all night, because she'd been parked in a Dunkin Donuts since midnight or so, and I am absolutely amazed that the little one was as lovely as she was on what little sleep she probably had. BB dredged up his long-ago mad daycare skillz and had fun with the toddler (who really was amazingly sweet) while I put the mac and cheese together; thank god I remembered in time that we were feeding this to said toddler, and avoided putting in the hot sauce with which I normally infuse my homemade mac and cheese.

And they have a wonderful hubby/dad to come all the way from home, 2-ish states away, to pick them up and then turn around and head all the way back. I was a little worried that the two adults were going to have trouble getting home, but they assured me they would be trading off the driving as often as necessary to maintain safety.

BB and I are now completely dragged out because We Are Old. I am going to watch a little anime with my beloved and then I am getting the hell to bed before the last of my brain cells leave my head in protest of my bad treatment of them.
Oh, and although it's the end of the day - Happy Moon Landing Day! I hope we get back there soon.

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