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Dept. of Nostalgia

I Am In Mourning. Sort Of.

My lava lamp has died.

I'm not kidding, you guys.

No, really. It was better than soporifics or tranks to chill me out. BB says he's going to check to see if it's just a dead bulb. If it is, he'll find another one. If the whole thing is dead, he says he's going to get me another one. I love that man of man.

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Aug. 7th, 2014 07:55 pm (UTC)
Indeed ... I'd really like to have this one working, because it came from my son, and it's kind of cute and particularly silly looking. But if I have to bid it a tearful farewell, my BB tells me that we'll be heading out to a store (American Science and Surplus; midwestern Americans might know it as a heaven for everything from scientific surplus equipment to, well, lava lamps) to find me a replacement.