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Dept. of Birthdays

Happy Birthdays are Happy

Many, many happy returns of the day to [personal profile] sahiya . I trust that friends and family are celebrating your birthday with you, that everyone else is doing the cooking and providing you with excellent birthday libations as well. May this year be an extra special one for you; may you avoid the landmines and frustrations of academic life, may you travel to places you want to see, may you have plenty of time to unwind and enjoy fannish things and friends,(and continue writing your wonderful fic) and here's to another year of seeing you around These Here Intarwebz!

I'm also taking a slightly belated moment to send birthday wishes to hawkmoth, an excellent and talented fan, one who I've recently had the pleasure of meeting. Her natal anniversary was Aug. 9 (so you share it with my BB, an excellent birthday buddy!)  Here's hoping the coming year brings you loads of fannish things to appreciate, happy times with your family, and continued success in your writing!
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Tags: birthdays, dr. who, fandom, good people, interesting people

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