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Turn, Turn, Turn

Spring Arrives

On my way to work today, I saw:
1) A dogwood tree - no, two dogwoods! - with the tops, the very tip tops, of their pink-white buds showing. I Didn't grow up with dogwoods, but they are so sturdily lush, so brazenly gorgeous, that I fell in love with them the first time I saw them in bloom. They have no aroma, and that is their only shortcoming; I assume it's to keep them from being too beautiful for this world.
2) Drifts of those cobalt blue flowers that suddenly appear on lawns around here, for a beautiful week or so every spring. They've appeared, and, as they always do, they take my breath away.
3) A woman walking on a Park Ridge street who looked like a long-dead friend. It didn't make me feel sad, it just made me a little wistful. Spring can soften sadness that way.

All of this reminded me that I saw robin redbreasts bouncing across lawns a full two weeks ago, and I didn't give them their due at that time. My apologies, robins. Your return should always be accompanied by fanfare. Cheery, spring fanfare.
Tags: lovely things, spring

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