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Because I'm Always Late to the Party

Everyone else has already long been embarked on their particular rewatches, but I've only decided in the last day or so that I wanted to try one of my own. I decided (with less than a week to go) that I'd at least rewatch S07, and started that late tonight with Asylum of the Daleks.

Boy, when you can have some interesting ideas, (Daleks of which even other Daleks are frightened), and some downright fascinating ideas (dead people who remain human, live people who aren't, the nature of humanity and the lack of it, and when and how that lack appears and disappears), and do as little with them as this episode did, you're really, really doing it wrong. Moff, I love you, but this one was saved by the actors, who sold even the most horrible scenes. I really got more out of Oswin this time, and she felt real to me in a way that she never did the first time, so I will add that to the plus side of the ledger. And once again, the reason that Moffat gave for Amy deciding she needed to "free" Rory are deeply problematic for me from a Doylist perspective, and pretty risible from a Watsonian perspective as well. Still, the ideas, and the solid acting gave it at least a C. Well, maybe a C-.

I decided to skip Dinosaurs on a Spaceship, because it's the one episode in S07 I've seen more than once (thrice, I believe.) I really, really like it, but all the dinosaurs and the fate of the Silurians make me deeply sad, and besides, I'm uncomfortable with liking a Chibnall episode. Well, no, that one's more or less a joke. More or less.

So tomorrow night, after the meeting I have to cover, I'll watch A Town Called Mercy, then gird my loins for The Power of Three.

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