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Only a Few More Hours

At last it's only a few more hours for us; I'm rushing around trying to make the place a little neater, and dashing off for jammie dodgers and such (hush; I know they were Eleventy's, and I have no idea whether the Twelfth Doctor will like them at all, but still ... traditions!)

My rewatch so far has only gotten me up to Hide, which I love, and have watched several times, and I should therefore probably skip it. I discovered that Cold War was so much better on rewatch that it was a little unsettling. The Ice Warrior didn't seem silly to me upon second viewing; the plot made more sense; Clara was much more clearly defined for me, and I got a sense of what her personality was like under all the quips and machine-gun vocal delivery. Far, far better than I had remembered. I'd put it at a solid personal B.

I also discovered, or rediscovered, that The Rings of Ahkaten is purely awful, a sodden mess of almost completely bad writing - filled with unsuccessful attempts to tie themes together, said attempts failing at everything except turning potentially interesting ideas into boring dead ends -  and ridiculous-even-for-Who skiffy science.  (Yes, by all means, let's turn out the sun, the only thing that keeps living things warm in the absolute cold of airless space, so that 7 million beings will freeze to death; oh, and let's scoot around an asteroid belt on a ... a ... motorbike of some sort. In the vacuum. Where there's no air. Oh, and let's have an evil sun whose look is more "cute Jack-o-lantern" than "psychopathic parasitic emotions vampire." And why do Who writers like making suns homicidal? They did it with "42" with about the same quality result. But I digress, and I trust you get my gist.)

And yet, there are parts of it that I love; his speech, of course; and the singing; and the color scheme. But when that's all that I can love about the story, it leaves me bemused as to why it's one of the episodes that somehow mysteriously turns up on the "I like it" side of my ledger. I just don't understand myself sometimes.
All of this means that if I can get one or two more episodes in before we have the premier of S08, I'll be lucky. But that's OK; I can watch the others later. I'll focus on meeting a new Doctor at this point. Yes. I'm rather excited.

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ....

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