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Dept. of Who Review

Robots of Sherwood
  • Oh, Mark Gatiss, I believe I've finally met one of your episodes that I can like unreservedly!
  • This Doctor doesn't like bantering, does he? Liar.
  • Why weren't there 90 more scenes of the Doctor being jealous of Robin?
  • I should have hated Robin as much as the Doctor thought he did, but I didn't. That's a bit of a miracle, and I'm glad.
  • And there goes the Doctor, being mistaken again.
  • Only robots and metal men get to go to the Promised Land?
  • Go, Clara, you clever, clever woman. I like you more and more. I like it when she tells the Doctor to shut up. Even though I love Amy with a great burning love, I never liked it when she said it. I wonder why?
  • Clara's proof that you can be a story, be in a story, and love a story, and not be as thin as a paper page. See how long it took Robin and the Doctor to catch up with her? Oh, yes, I like this woman.
  • Or maybe 100 more scenes of Robin getting on the Doctor's nerves. Ha! Ha-ha! And no hernia!
  • Yup. I liked this one.

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Tags: dr. who, fandom, woo-hoo!
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