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Positivity and Me

Many of my online friends have been having fun with the ultimately wonderful positivity meme, and it makes me smile to read the things they read (even as I, sadly, am monotonously predictable in my lack of response.) Thank all of you for having fun with the meme. It's more than fun, actually; it's a fine and necessary exercise in fighting everything from the mild greys, to the ordinary blues, to the goddamned Black Dogs. So, yes, it's good to see others do it.

We got the condo building basement cleaned up by about 80 percent, and I am very, very happy with that.

I' finally posted the MCU fic that has been bouncing around my head ever since I first saw the movie way back in 2012. Wrote it in one day plus an hour or so - for me, these days, that's fast. The only time I've written faster, or even as fast, is during Fandom Stocking, and I am reasonably pleased with it, as unedited and self-indulgent things go. Now, back to the other story.

Enjoyed reviewing two anime movies that BB and I watched over the past couple of years; Welcome to the Space Show, and Summer Wars. If I wasn't battling a bit of an uncomfortable headache, and was not, therefore, heading to bed in order to have any hope of a productive Monday - I'd talk about why I like them so much. I hope the links are at least a bit informative, although they don't really capture why I truly like the movies.

Going to bed now - have a wonderful Monday!

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