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A Very Few Things

I'm going to watch "Listen" tomorrow night with FB and take another, careful, look at it, with some comments from y'all in mind. Then I'll respond to everyone from my previous post, I promise.
I went to the second radio show that my son's been in, with the Locked Into Vacancy radio comedy troupe that he's with (initially as their Foley guy, and most recently playing a part. If you're in Chicago, you should really give this little troupe a try. You know I like old time radio; well, as BB put it tonight on our way down there, this is new-time radio, and it's surprisingly good, and funny. To my mind, they pull off the difficult balancing act of visual theater and theater of the air, which is not always easy. And if you want to hear their latest show, check the podcasts. Tonight's show won't be up for a while because the engineer has a day job, which is a shame, because you'd get to hear FB do his completely hilarious parody of John Mayer-type dudebro singer "romantic" song. That should happen in the future, but the last couple of podcasts are really good. Yup, totally pimping for them.
I have just read this laugh-out-loud funny Sherlock/Mary/John OT3 story  by wiggleofjudas over on AO3, and I must pimp this, too, to anyone who, like me, is firmly convinced that the three of them belong together - even more convinced after HLV.
And now I'm going to bed,
vaguely Schroedinger-concerned* about the odd hives that have appeared on me.

*meaning, at any given moment, I don't care about them and then, well, I sort of do.

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