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I Am Glad To Be Here

After having been pretty active online for a change, yesterday was a bit of a return to my old habits.

I'd meant to post about some really nice things that had happened to me on Wednesday, and I didn't get the chance to. Then last night FB's car broke down (we suspect the alternator), just as BB and I were settling in for a nice evening of anime. Bye-bye anime, bye-bye BAM, the remains of which are still in the freezer, and off we went to help him.

He and his lovely lady are extremely financially strapped these days, because his change of work has dropped his pay check significantly (still worth it, he says, because of the decreased pressure and increased sanity). We can't help him out financially this time, so he'll be putting on his big boy boots and figuring out how to make rent and pay for the car at the same time.

BB's been in a bit of a funk today, largely because he's worrying about FB. I understand why, because I worry too.  Gah - we are such typical single-child parents; I'm glad we managed to let go to the extent we've managed - otherwise poor FB would have been coddled into complete inability to be an adult. Thank god he broke free of us!

But we found the time, between the last paragraph and this sentence, to go out in the lovely fall weather - to Costco, of course - and then to fight our worries about FB by watching some particularly fine anime (we're watching an 11-episode series called, quite awfully in English, "Terror in Tokyo", which is really quite amazing) and finishing that BAM that I had to abandon Thursday night. So things are good.

So ... yes, positivity. Three things, right?

1) This - my birthday present from BB, which I think is absolutely wonderful, with TARDIS blue liquid and blobby purple wax; purple is my favorite color, so that's just wonderful.

 photo 45b16108-28d4-4373-aefc-fe64daffdf8a_zps8cdfda16.jpg

2) Watching the aforementioned anime, which has really well done and striking art, and a very good story.

3) And a great conversation with [personal profile] elisi  and [personal profile] owlboy  about interesting personality trait study things. (Hey, guys? No, I'm not ever going to believe in those things, but my goodness, the conversation has warmed my heart!)


4) BB. Always and forever, BB.

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