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No. Just, No.

Do not do this, Moff. Not the "hating the soldier" bit, even if you're doing it to ramp up to something important at the end of the season. Because it's offensive. It was offensive when Rusty did it with Ten, and it's offensive now. (Hell, it was offensive when the Third Doctor was snide to the Brigadier.) Not the "Clara doesn't slap his face for being a git" bit, because Clara would and should slap his face. Not the "lies and mis-steps are the norm for male-female relationships" bit. You're better than that. You've gotten better than that. Don't slip back into that.

Augh. All my thoughts are bouncing back and forth between Doylist and Watsonian and none of those thoughts are happy. And none of this flash review will be organized, because, yes, bouncing back and forth from in-story to outside view.

Thank you, Danny, for finally calling the Doctor on his incredibly insulting, unpleasant shit - and doing it magnificently and mercilessly; because until that point, you'd been written as unbelievably patient, to the point of doormat, calm, to the point of stolidity, unquestioning, to the point of stupidity. It's a credit to Samuel Anderson that I haven't given up on the character yet.

Clara, I really have come to like you - I can watch your face forever, really, but I've been coming to enjoy you, respect you, as a character. And this ... this was not you. This was ... writing telling you to be a sitcom character. Break out of it! You can do better than this - go step on the Moff's instep, pointedly, to get his attention. And then tell him he's slipping back into bad habits.

There were some good things, though: Disruptive Influence! The Nethersphere, where Missy doesn't seem quite as much in charge as we'd thought; and the gentleman who brought the poor policeman back seems to use different criteria than she does when he "recruits"! Both very good things. And Capaldi, of course.

But even he can't escape the Curse of Uneven Characterization.

Come on, Moff. You're better than this.


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Sep. 28th, 2014 02:24 pm (UTC)
I've not seen the episode yet, but I can't help but agree. Hate the war, not the soldier.
Sep. 28th, 2014 03:46 pm (UTC)
I recognize that the Doctor has never been overly fond of authority (except his own, of course), but this seemed to me to overwriting in a brutally simplistic way; an awkward and crude framework that isn't worthy of either Gareth Roberts or the Moff. I'd really like to hear your thoughts on the episode when you've seen it. Most people on my various f'lists really like it, and they're people whose opinions I respect. I need to engage with them, and really think about their reasoning. I need to try to see this from their points of view, but I'm afraid I may end up at mine, again.

Edited at 2014-09-28 05:43 pm (UTC)
Sep. 28th, 2014 04:33 pm (UTC)
I must admit, while I liked the episode, that was something that gave me pause and one of the reasons I had to stop and think. This incarnations dislike of soldiers (and so hotly) is rather unsettling. I think when he tried to regain himself, something jigged in his head and instead of 'human fighting for what's right' he got 'disposable, willing ammo'. And he's the one who (unknowingly) made Danny INTO a soldier. I think that figurine has something to do with this.

I don't mind the Doctor getting called out on his shit. His fuck-up with PE teachers/soldiers got on my nerves. (And why this insistence that PE teachers are unthinking assholes?! I mean, I had my fair share of awful PE teachers, but they're there to help someone by physically as well as mentally fit and that should have been pointed out by ANYONE). I DO mind though, him being judged from someone who doesn't know him at all, but makes assumptions. The Doctor doing that was bad enough. Danny making a snap decision based off his commanding officers was (somehow) worse. Danny also completely missed that his own actions (intentionally) caused havoc. I expected him to ask questions about what happened, be stunned, then start thinking about what it meant. The Doctor needed to be called out on his asshattery and god complex, yes - but by someone who KNOWS HIM WELL. As for Clara...she pissed me off, too. She never did explain herself to the Doctor (and this WILL bite her in the ass) and he had every right to demand she do so. Half the problems were caused by her. She felt she needed to keep both relationships secret, so the 'secrets' naturally attacked each other. Both were offended, both felt the need to DEFEND and it call came down to her dishonesty (which, frankly, this series she seems less clever and more and more unable to keep up...which does not bode well).

I think the reason I bristled so hard when Danny finally opened his mouth is because he got a lot of it right, but he got it wrong. The Doctor got only a quarter right and the rest pigheadedly wrong - but this one is known for putting his foot in his mouth. But I know he would apologize when proven wrong. His unfortunate dislike of soldiers has only been ramped up now and Clara could have prevented that. Talked to him about WHY he dislikes them so, get him to see the error in his thinking. Be his COMPANION, not his 'babysitter', as she sees herself (which is frankly insulting and completely NOT what she has been doing in the first place). Once again, Eleven begged for her help, her understanding and time. Twelve did the same. But she still treats him like a holiday and not a person. She's known about his dislike of authority and how it is enhanced this regeneration. She could have talked with him about it. Instead, she hid a soldier and then tried to talk her way around it.

As for Danny, he didn't seem like the 'blind, snap judgements' kind of guy, but that's how he behaved. And in the end, that little ultimatum only made me angrier. He knew that the Doctor had been there a long time in her life. How important he was. And he saw him save the world. I get that he didn't like HOW - but once again, instead of give and take (maybe discussing WHY he didn't like the method?) he just...gave an ORDER and expects her to obey it. I get that he mistrusts her at this point. There are better ways to handle that.

Quite frankly, at this point, I am thinking Twelve would have been better off finding a new Companion, as Clara isn't even what she once was. What we knew her to be. The fallout from this has affected three people and not for the better. I'm hoping the Doctor and Danny can find a way to see around their differences and assumptions and knee-jerk hurt-that-becomes-dislike and SEE each other, as I think they would get on famously. As for Clara, I think she needs a nice slap herself and a good stern talking to in the mirror.

But aside from these terrible exchanges, I rather liked the episode itself...
Sep. 28th, 2014 06:15 pm (UTC)
I think when he tried to regain himself, something jigged in his head and instead of 'human fighting for what's right' he got 'disposable, willing ammo'.

This is a very interesting interpretation, and one I think I like.

I DO mind though, him being judged from someone who doesn't know him at all, but makes assumptions. [snip] The Doctor needed to be called out on his asshattery and god complex, yes - but by someone who KNOWS HIM WELL.

I think that a stranger is exactly who had to do it, and not someone he knows. The people who know the Doctor, even the ones who most often call him on being wrong, don't generally haul him right up and say, "Dr., you're being an asshat about this. Stop it right now."

In the show - as in life - it's the third opinion, the outside gaze, the outsider, unblinded by past association with the asshat, who has the clearest view.

For example, as a reporter, I go in to situations that I haven't been involved in up to my ears. And I'm the one who often sees most clearly what's going on, rather than those who are neck deep in the struggle.

Well, you say, isn't that the problem with Danny going after the Doctor? No, not in this case.

In this case - both from a writerly point of view and, very importantly, in-story as well, he's the only person who can do it, and the only person who has the right to do it. Perhaps even more naturally, both from a Watsonian and Doylist point of view, he's the one who is most emotionally primed to do it.

Danny is the one who's been insulted by a stranger since he met him. I mean truly insulted, egregiously so, by someone who's supposed to be a caretaker; a temp, FFS. Can you imagine what's going on in Danny's head? (WTF? A janitor is telling me that I don't have the smarts to be a maths teacher?)

Danny is the one who's held it back, and held it back, and held it back; he's held back his anger and hurt when kids make asshole remarks in the classroom; he's held back a lot of remarks when Clara says hurtful things (and I'll get to how badly I think Clara's been written, when it comes to this issue in particular, a little farther on).

Danny's the one accused of endangering the school when, in his view, he's found things that appear to be, oh, I don't know, bombs perhaps? Certainly detonator-looking things ... carefully hidden around the school. By the insulting caretaker. I'd have done the same thing.

And ultimately, with his hurt and his anger, Danny is still the person who sees the Doctor most clearly as what he's been in this episode; he's been a bully. An aristo and a bully. And it is Danny, and Danny alone, who calls the Doctor on it. And from a writing standpoint, I think this was one of the best-written pieces within the story.

Back to Clara: what I minded about this story a great deal was that Moffat and Roberts wrote Clara as a sitcom character. She was written as the kind of inert woman who hears the lead character say something horrid, and all she does is make adorable faces at that (usually male) character - because the writer wants to maneuver both of them into a certain situation for a certain scene.

That's another part of the problem. The whole "secrets" thing is being written again and again as a "ha-ha, isn't this cute?" until - bam! - it isn't cute anymore. The pacing and the timing of presenting us a character who felt the need to keep the secrets, the explanation within-story of why she did it, are almost non-existent. And it's an insult to the character.

That's not Clara as she has been written before. That's idiot writing, and writing for idiots. Both these screenwriters are more talented than that. I think they got in each other's way and I think Moff let some of his old bad "Coupling" habits creep back in to his writing.

OK, so I rambled on and on, but you helped me clarify for myself more of why I was so disappointed in the episode.


Sep. 28th, 2014 09:37 pm (UTC)
Mmmm...that is very true. And thank you for calling ME out on it. Shows my own blindspot when it comes to the Doctor. He should have been called on his insults and stupidity BEFORE he got snuck onto the TARDIS by Clara (which only lowered my opinion of her, really). I think I bristled because of 'Time Lord' and the fact he was in his inner sanctum and Clara left him open for a sneak attack (that he did more than earn, but still...inner sanctum...and she lied again...arrrghhhh!)

I think both the Doctor and Danny are talking from assumptions that Clara could have easily negated. This should never have reached this point. Danny's attitude (after being verbally assaulted by the Doctor in a casual, terrible way) can be explained, but I think in many ways, if Clara had never tried to trick the Doctor and get Danny to 'eavesdrop' this would never have happened. The TARDIS was NOT the setting for this conversation. And in many ways, it explains why the Doctor grabbed Courtney...to test his ability to have a new Companion. I think he decided that his time with Clara is (obviously) at an end. The question has been answered, she is moving on, she does not need his approval and I think he gets that he is holding too tight and too much and I think he KNOWS he's being a shit. UGH. What a mess!!

The Doctor did turn up the 'Asshole' on this episode. But I feel Clara should have called him on it, too - not Danny with practically no backing. Still didn't like that ultimatum though. That was...horrid. And Clara is just TERRIBLE this series. I keep seeing glimpses of the Clara we know, which only ticks me off more, really.

As it stands, I am corrected on how Danny handled it. Though, to protest slightly, I wish he had done so sooner - before he found out who the Doctor is (and what he is to Clara). Cause yeah, being verbally insulted by the temp-maintenance man is not ON. And the PE teacher shit? Even more ridiculous...and unnecessary...and insulting. Meh.


Edited at 2014-09-28 09:52 pm (UTC)
Sep. 28th, 2014 10:04 pm (UTC)
I think you and I are very close in terms of agreeing that Clara was written horribly - this is not the Clara I really liked in the first three episodes, that I'd come to like this season even more than I liked her last season.

There was no reason to keep these two secret from each other. If there was a reason in Clara's mind, then the writers (all the writers, not just Moff) should have made it clear. Otherwise, she's being, as I said, inert. And her complete lack of agency means that she doesn't do as you say she should have done - and I agree with you - she should have made it clear to both of these men who each other is. (Mind you, this has always been a plot point in Dr. Who: people trying to keep the Doctor's identity a secret for stupid reasons.)

And, oh, do I agree with you: Clara should have called the Doctor on his douchecanoeity (what??!? It's a word. Sort of.) much, much earlier.

And actually, yes, Danny should have rung the changes on the caretaker within the first five minutes of Attack of the Alien Asshole. I think the writers were trying to play up the fact that he's ex-military and trying very, very hard to put that behind him - but they shouldn't have done it by choosing to make him a doormat.

teal deer: you and I are in substantial agreement. Because we're brilliant.

The TARDIS was NOT the setting for this conversation.

But you have to admit it shows how angry Danny was, and, in a way, how brave - he's just walked into an impossibility; as a soldier, he knows he's on enemy ground - and yet he did it.

Sep. 28th, 2014 10:27 pm (UTC)
I mean...what's with the Sudden Stupid. I get why she didn't tell Danny (to some extent...tis rather hard to explain the Doctor); yet as their relationship got more serious, she should have at least TRIED. As for her hiding Danny...it just made it look like she SHOULD (does that make sense?!) and all because she wouldn't call the Doctor out on his 'soldiers suck' attitude. She hid Danny BECAUSE of that and caused MORE DAMAGE because she never told him his attitude towards authority blows, or at least...talked with him about it (like she told Eleven on the phone that she pretty much would. Not BABYSIT. Watch over him and HELP him. And calling him on his shit does that.) I mean, Danny became a soldier because the Doctor gave him a dream about Dan the Soldier man. (Still think that figurine has loads to do with EVERYTHING). Because Clara didn't tell him what the @#$! was going on. There are only so many times the Doctor will ask before even HE realizes he sounds obsessive...but all the signs he asks about are THERE. And he TRUSTS her. And she has done nothing but break that trust. I am NOT loving that. If this is the 'real' Clara, I'll take Mystery Girl again, please. Because Mystery Girl would have nailed him on his douchcanoery (awesome word!) much, much earlier.

Yeah. Danny shoulda stomped him. There is being mildmannered and there is being a doormat. I know he wants to put that life behind him. The Doctor would totally get that. But he needs to defend himself, too and he...doesn't do that very well.

LOL!! Bless you, lovie.

That was very brave!! And totally what I was hoping for from Danny. But I could understand the Doctor's explosiveness because...HOME. And broken trust from Clara because...HOME. Safe Place. Arrrghhh. Was telling another friend that I think that's why the TARDIS hates her so much. Because She saw what Clara was going to do later, the trouble she would cause...and the TARDIS is not exactly rational when it comes to Her Thief. Yes, he's being a DICK. But he's HERE. And Clara just walked some dude into Her and he was INVISIBLE and he and Thief Had Words. OMFG. Totally my headcanon. This is why the TARDIS was bitchy to Clara. Well earned imho...


Thank you for calling me on my own pigheaded shit. Need that now and again.

Sep. 28th, 2014 10:57 pm (UTC)
My goodness - you were not being pigheaded in the least! You had an opinion, and you expressed it very well; I introduced another aspect, asking you to consider it, and you did.

And that, my dear, is what we call civilized discourse, not being pigheaded. I surround myself with people who converse well, and you're part of the salon!
Sep. 29th, 2014 12:56 am (UTC)
Thankies, sweetie. Sorry. Just realized I could have very much sounded like a narrow-minded ass (and an unthinking one, which I simultaneously accused Clara of *chuckles*) and felt I should call myself on it (even if you are too kind to). As for trying to see other views, I'd like to think I'm always open to that...even if sometimes I have to have the prospect of other POVs gently nudged at me. *Laughs*

Ahhh, true. And bless you. And your lovely circle. They are certainly lovely. And I know many of them well (and consider myself better for it!)

Sep. 28th, 2014 10:42 pm (UTC)
First, Douchecanoe is my favourite Canadian insult. I'm not even entirely certain it IS Canadian, but it's got mangled French and canoe in it. So. Anyway, your use of it made me smile, and reminded me that I should use it more often when.

And on the episode itself, I think we are in more or less complete agreement about this episode. There were a few bits which I found amusing, but for the most part, it left me with a bad taste in my mouth. I really, really, really hope that someone calls Moffat and Roberts on this, and that they don't go off with the opinion that this is episode was awesomely done and brilliantly received and not brimming over with issues and bad connotations... because if that happens, I'm really afraid that we'll get more of the same int he future.

And I really don't want more of this.

Are you listening Moffat? More episodes like Robots of Sherwood, no more like this. And consistent, non-offensive characterization for all while you're at it. :/

Sep. 28th, 2014 11:00 pm (UTC)
Douchecanoe is my favourite Canadian insult.

Isn't it just? I believe I first heard it in Canada, so I claim it in the name of Our True North Strong and Free. Heh.

A lot of people did like this episode, and I was really pleased to have been involved in conversations where I had to think carefully about what I didn't like, and why I didn't like it, and give examples of what I thought was not well done. If I'm going to dislike something, it's best that I do so for good reasons and not bad ones.

And I share your hope that the Doctor and Clara do not get the disservice of OOC writing in future. They both deserve better.
Sep. 28th, 2014 11:08 pm (UTC)
I think that the amazing, intelligent discussions this episode has spawned is one of its few redeeming features.
Oct. 4th, 2014 10:35 pm (UTC)
Yup, you could be correct. I want to watch it again (but I have to watch "Kill the Moon," first, which will be happening any moment now), just in case I get a different vibe from it, but right now, I'm tipping my hat to it solely because - wow - some fantastic thoughts. You should read flowsoffire's comments down below, concerning Clara; they're observationally brilliant when it comes to her, and I'm going to pop in very briefly to tell her so.
Oct. 4th, 2014 09:23 pm (UTC)
Let me tell you one thing: brace yourself.

*hugs* I'm sorry about the frustration… Feeling so let down sucks. Been there, done that. I hope the in-depth discussions of everything that felt so wrong about the episode helped. (You and Mandy both—hey a_phoenixdragon, tag-talking to you! You both made very good points.) I know that when that happened it really helped me a lot to let off my steam and find someone who felt similarly to discuss it with, so I hope it helped you too!

To be quite honest, I was able to quite enjoy the episode and that partly came from lowered expectations as far as Moffat is concerned. I've been doing a fair bit of eye-narrowing throughout this first half of the season, sometimes for very specific points that left me pretty irked, sometimes because I just couldn't connect with it properly, without being sure why. I know it's not the change—Eleven was my Doctor, but I've been enthusiastic about Capaldi from day one, and embraced Twelve straight away. Maybe fangirling over Eleven made me more prone to pass on writing-related problems in the past, but that's not the core reason. At this point I'm just making the most of the parts I do love, eye-rolling over the rest, and staying out of people's way when needed because I would hate to spoil their fun with my negativity ;)

Having set that context… There were a number of things I found annoying or unpleasant, but that didn't surprise me—the recurring PE teacher gag, the get-the-boyfriends-wrong gag, the extent of the Doctor's hostility. Funnily enough, I found it much more hurtful when Clara made those awful, thoughtless little soldier jokes in Listen. Twelve is being raw and harsh, still a bit lost, it seems, and overreacting on everything. And being an arsehole a lot, aka needing someone to step in and be the human interface. That much is right. I 100% agree that a companion, a friend should be more than that, more than just running after him and saying sorry on his behalf. He needs to be called out and Clara appears unable to handle that atm. *** Then again, at the moment she seems unable to handle much of anything, try as she might to believe that she's in control. She's not, she's out of her depth. As a bit of a control freak/someone who occasionally struggles to communicate right myself, I guess I can empathize with some parts of that. The lying for no reason, for instance. Clara has two lives to balance; that's damn near impossible, we're seeing that. She's got to balance, and keep in control. How does she do that? Telling herself she has control. Life A goes in box A: boyfriend, job, family. Life B goes in box B, the one that happens to be bigger on the inside. Screw that. The extra space will be needed. Life A and life B do not cross. Lying? Never mind that. She can't let go of the one or the other, she can't leave a breach, so life A and B have to remain separate at all costs. Danny is a part of life A and all she's living there can be shared with him, but life B is another thing, another self almost. I'm not sure she even realizes the extent of the lie at this point, because in her headspace, the separation is complete—life B and Danny have nothing to do with each other and the secrecy is condition #1 to what became the very precarious balance of her life. (This also somewhat explains her lying in Listen. There was no rational reason why the Doctor shouldn't know the boy and the men they saw were connected to Danny. But she didn't want to tell him about Danny… she couldn't have him butt in on life A. Out of line. No. In The Caretaker you could tell she wanted his approval on Danny as a person… but Danny thrown in the middle of their adventures? That didn't click.) When you build your whole way of life over a lie, you can't pull out the lie at the base of everything. It all collapses. (At least it feels like it will. Because then you're out of your depth, and have to find a new balance, rebuild and reconsider the way you're handling everything, and you lose control.)
Oct. 4th, 2014 10:40 pm (UTC)
I'm just popping in very quickly here, to tell you I've read your entire commentary and I am sitting here, applauding! I want to engage more with you about it, mostly to tell you how brilliant you are at both psychological observation and at writing up those observations. You have, for me, examined Clara and painted a sympathetic but unforgiving picture of her. And you're right! You have so much of my respect for this; while I still really like Clara, you're pointing out not only that she's screwed up, or how she's screwed up - but why she's done it; and so few people have actually done the latter.

Anyhow, yes, brava, brava!!!!
Oct. 5th, 2014 06:58 am (UTC)
:D :D :D Thank you! ♥ That means a lot to me, haha. (I'm usually ten shades of insecure about arguments, so it really, really does.)

Looking forward to discussing it more with you! ^_^
Oct. 4th, 2014 09:24 pm (UTC)
So the lying is not right, and not okay, but Clara started up considering it necessary—and then she couldn't pull out. Lying brings more lying; it becomes a habit, the story grows too long, the guilt becomes too much, and you just can't break out and blurt out the truth. It comes out through breaking points, when you get found out, and it's messy and it hurts and you're scared and lost and try to make up stupid excuses when knowing very well that you're screwed. This was Clara here. She wasn't being a friend; she wasn't being a proper girlfriend; she was a liar being caught, by people she loved, and she was struggling to keep the damage minimal, only thinking of herself and not losing everything because of her lie. And how did she attempt to fix things? By lying more. 'Cause you never learn! XD

…I did not mean to write a whole ramble to defend Clara. Because I don't even want to defend her; I don't really connect to her anymore this season. I get flashes of the character I loved, when children were involved in Listen, for instance. But the rest… I just can't connect with her anymore. I could in Deep Breath, but then I somehow lost touch with the character, without knowing why, once more. I just… couldn't care at all about her. And I felt weird and unhappy about this, but I think talking about this is helping me to realize why somewhat. Clara wasn't being herself, wasn't free this season. She was busy being two selves. And I guess the strain can explain some of the slip-ups and awkward things. (Not all. Not the soldier jokes. I think I will never not want to kill someone when thinking about these.) Most of all, it could explain her… passivity. At the core of adventures, when left to her own devices, she can kick ass, because she's playing epic girl (playing the part! Hello, life B)—but she often seems to be merely reacting, doing what she's told or struggling in a desperate situation, rarely taking initiatives. My feeling anyway. Danny pointed it out here—she did exactly what she was told, blindly. Emotionally speaking… it's kind of the same. She's thrown in with Twelve, and she's improvising. She seems to have found a balance in which they work together—a dynamic—but she spends more time acting sassy than actually questioning him or digging deep. She keeps the balance she's found—after struggling quite a bit at first—and she just takes no risk. All the while thinking she's got it together. Issues that aren't addressed are issues that don't exist.

And I miss Clara when she had more freedom. I miss when the sass felt natural instead of done-for-show, when she seemed quicker and sharper and more perceptive and eager to prove herself yet still able to show that she was unsure. I think there was a combination of factors, in a way—there was the change of Doctors, sure. But she seems fine with Twelve now, on the surface. But dear, when have you last heard about Wednesdays? You don't. s7!Clara kept her adventures at that specific time, and one may debate whether that was fitting or not, but it was sustainable. s8!Clara has the Doctor butting in everywhen. Her problem is double, almost triple: life A and life B have grown to be near equal in size and awful to balance out; life A has Danny, her job, and lots of important things going on that she can't fully be dedicated to (I saw nowhere a scene that showed how thrilled she was to be a teacher…? Sure, it's a job with its ups and its downs, like every part of life, but I didn't see her invested, like with Courtney, that could have been used to show that.); life B has a new Doctor she's just barely finding her footing with, and she can't afford to let that slip her grasp by questioning him and their newfound dynamic, either. So… she just gets through it instead of living it. She manages. But she's not doing it right. And sooner or later, the balance is going to fall apart. Oh wait, it's kind of doing that already…
Oct. 4th, 2014 09:24 pm (UTC)
Dear god. It's getting late and I talked a lot and I don't even know what the hell I first meant to say?! Okay. I covered the Doctor, kind of… Clara… Danny I really enjoyed. ♥ The calling the Doctor out was painfully perfect to me. It needed to be done. The confrontation with Clara… he didn't flip his shit at her, but he made it clear how wrong it had been of her to lie and conceal so much, how disrespectful it was of their whole relationship and how hurtful that she hadn't wanted to share something so important. I'm usually not that fond of glaring meta moments because they can feel overdone, but Clara facing a mirror there? Perfect. Look hard and deep, girl, hard and deep. And Danny giving Clara a warning also felt right to me, because… he's not going to be lied to again. One might argue he acts overprotective to her in the ep, and I think he does a bit, but only in the limits of what is realistic male portrayal. Guys naturally act protective with their girlfriends, they like to think they are the ones who can ultimately make them safe. If they grow too pushy, it's the girl's place to make it clear that they can take care of themselves and don't need to be coddled, thank you very much. I eye-rolled a little when Danny told Clara "I had your back all along", because she'd been kicking arse without him—but I eye-rolled fondly, because he wanted to look out for her, and be a team, and for a soldier, having someone at their back would be ever so meaningful. Needed. Things like that felt okay.

Also, I can foresee that she will not be capable of keeping her promise, wish as she might that it were otherwise. And my, this is not going to be pretty.

I really liked that we saw the longer, heavier emotional scenes besides, like in Deep Breath… And I'm realizing in hindsight that Danny made a lot of the episode for me ;) Danny, and Courtney, and Capaldi being fun. But they all carried it as far as I'm concerned, and it wasn't great, but it was good—for me.

And I wrote an essay and I do not know exactly how long this is or how many comments it will take. Well, let's try this.

***(I'm having that fantasy of River popping in, letting him know he's doing shit, bonding with Danny over war traumas and silly names and the slight Rory vibe he gave at some points, and just giving everyone space to breathe and relax because they're too stupidly taut and entangled and unable to work things out atm. Don't mind me.)
Oct. 6th, 2014 11:21 am (UTC)
Doctor Who 8x06 The Caretaker
User kerravonsen referenced to your post from Doctor Who 8x06 The Caretaker saying: [...] one person... by deceiving the other? Bad move. Oooh, some good insights re Clara's double life [...]
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