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Dept. of Who: Flash Review of The Caretaker

No. Just, No.

Do not do this, Moff. Not the "hating the soldier" bit, even if you're doing it to ramp up to something important at the end of the season. Because it's offensive. It was offensive when Rusty did it with Ten, and it's offensive now. (Hell, it was offensive when the Third Doctor was snide to the Brigadier.) Not the "Clara doesn't slap his face for being a git" bit, because Clara would and should slap his face. Not the "lies and mis-steps are the norm for male-female relationships" bit. You're better than that. You've gotten better than that. Don't slip back into that.

Augh. All my thoughts are bouncing back and forth between Doylist and Watsonian and none of those thoughts are happy. And none of this flash review will be organized, because, yes, bouncing back and forth from in-story to outside view.

Thank you, Danny, for finally calling the Doctor on his incredibly insulting, unpleasant shit - and doing it magnificently and mercilessly; because until that point, you'd been written as unbelievably patient, to the point of doormat, calm, to the point of stolidity, unquestioning, to the point of stupidity. It's a credit to Samuel Anderson that I haven't given up on the character yet.

Clara, I really have come to like you - I can watch your face forever, really, but I've been coming to enjoy you, respect you, as a character. And this ... this was not you. This was ... writing telling you to be a sitcom character. Break out of it! You can do better than this - go step on the Moff's instep, pointedly, to get his attention. And then tell him he's slipping back into bad habits.

There were some good things, though: Disruptive Influence! The Nethersphere, where Missy doesn't seem quite as much in charge as we'd thought; and the gentleman who brought the poor policeman back seems to use different criteria than she does when he "recruits"! Both very good things. And Capaldi, of course.

But even he can't escape the Curse of Uneven Characterization.

Come on, Moff. You're better than this.


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