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Because It's Tuesday (and my own thoughts are uninteresting)

One of the wonderful things about social life online is that you can look to a world's worth of intelligent and observant friends and acquaintances with whom you can have stimulating conversation.

Equally satisfying is the knowledge that, when your own brain has the intellectual power of a kitchen appliance, you can turn to those same friends and acquaintances and know that they will have at their fingertips nutritious morsels of thought, opinion, humor, political satire and much, much more. You can then pass those morsels on and appear as if you are actually operating with a working brain.

I love the internet. (And good lord, I and BB have been online now for 20 years. Think about that, children ....)

But enough rambling. I offer you these two links, courtesy of that brilliant Discordian Gnostic
[personal profile] supergee , who in his turn passes them on from others.

I am a person of faith; some sort of faith at least, and certainly on alternate Wednesdays. But as someone who comes out of the Judaeo Christian cultural landscape, I looked at this and nodded my head. While giggling, and saying, "yeah, this is one of the big reasons why I restrict myself to "some kind of faith on alternate Wednesdays." I successfully kept it to a giggle and not a snarl.

And this, courtesy of
[personal profile] graydon2 via [personal profile] supergee - I'm a writer, someone who uses and occasionally abuses words for a living. So tomorrow, I may be able to use words in phrases of admirable subtlety and clarity to show how much I agree. Today, because my brain is, in fact, a toaster, I will only say "THIS!!!" 

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