kaffyr (kaffyr) wrote,

Dept. of Nataldalia

 Delayed, Certainly, But the Wishes are Sincere

First to 
[personal profile] owlboy , who is a constant source of delight to me, with acid wit, monumental sense of Teh Absurd, stubborn belief in justice, artistic talent, limitless curiosity, ability to call out anyone on anything, and verve for life, whose birthday was on the 17th of October. I am glad I know you, and I hope your birthday signals a year of pending excellence for you. 

Over on LJ, an excellent skiffy fandom acquaintance from long ago, galacticvoyeur, celebrated on Oct. 18th. I hope the day was good, (with no carbonated beverages) and that the coming year contains adventures both near to home and as far as you want to wander. 

And one of the earliest exposures to fanfic I had was from 
[personal profile] aibhinn . Thanks to her I immediately knew there were quality writers in Who fandom. What's more, she was welcoming and encouraging of a tyro fic writer. Thanks, and Happy Birthday (on the 18th)!

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