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Dept. of Thanksgiving

Thank You

In the past, I've written some pretty lengthy essays, monologues, meditations and such on Thanksgiving. Some of them were pretty eloquent (I know; I just checked, because I roll that way.)

This year, it's not going to be all that eloquent. I'm older. I'm more tired than I have been in previous years. My ability to find a verbal hook on which to hang the rest of my commentary has rusted, along with my facility with words. 

However, along with my advanced age, I've become wiser. At least I've reached the age when I realize it's not egotistical to say, "I've learned from all these years on earth." And I've remembered that one can be brief without missing the point - which is this.

Thank you.

Thank you, online friends, for being out there. My world has not shrunk to the social pinpoint it could have, thanks to you. I am not chained to work and sleep, and fear of going out, thanks to all of you. You show me the world through your words - you show me many worlds. You reach out to me from across the globe. You let me share a little bit of your life. You let me cheer you on; you let me wish you happy birthday (usually late); you let me give you electronic hugs. You allow me to care for people beyond myself. Thank you for that.

And you care for me. Whether we know each other just a little, through fanfic, or shared fandom interests, or know each other a little more intimately, you have soothed my cares, lightened my loads, and reminded me that life can be good. You've hugged me, helped me dry my tears, put up with my seemingly endless bouts of depression.

You are all treasures. Remember that. Each and every one of you.

Today, my son came over; we baked a pumpkin pie together. I finally made some more bread - and it turned out beautifully! I got housekeeping chores done; washed our comforter, kept the kitchen neat and clean despite all the cooking. FB and BB and I laughed together and listened to music (FB introduced me to Fugazi, and I introduced him to Caribou, and we both listened to Joe Hisaishi's orchestration in the soundtrack to Princess Mononoke), and I had a glass of wine and remembered to do another recommendation over at calufrax. The house is warm and fragrant with baking. I am surrounded by family, something that is more important to me than I can ever explain in words. A little later, we're going out for Thanksgiving dinner with good friends.

The world is in a terrible state. There is heartbreak out there; there are injustices crying out for reparation; there are struggles to be maintained; there is an environment to be saved.

But right now, right this very moment? I am blessed. And I hope that the love that surrounds me will energize me, and allow me to go out there tomorrow and fight a little harder for this world.

And I owe so much of my blessings to you.  It all comes back to people, to shared hearts and minds, to all of you.

Again I say it. You are all treasures. Again I say it - remember how precious you all are.

Thank you.

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