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Dept. of Holidays

Several Things Make a List

  • Tuesday: Accompanied BB to his endocrinologist's. Endocrinologist ultimately agreed to put him on a thyroid suppressant. at least as long as the drug's bad side effects (at least one of which, of course, mirrors one of the symptoms BB is desperately trying to control) don't kick in. The guy was caught out, thanks to two of BB's other doctors letting BB know that the Endocrinology Guy actually said that BB had a hyperthyroid condition in his notes, notes that BB didn't see. EG tried to deny saying what he did, but could only manage a pretty weak "my comment was misinterpreted." Yeah, nice try, buddy.

  • Work: things are still crazy. Still making a deliberate and considered effort not to be freaked the fuck out. Vacation transition madness continues. Still focusing on fuzzy kittens with all my will.

  • Christmas Day: Successfully pulled off dinner for nine. Enjoyed the company; the company enjoyed us. Loved giving out the presents - partial shares in water buffaloes (and a couple of shares of goats) through Heifer International. Plus book store gift cards, because everyone needs something more than a water buffalo. Got some neat things; the Doctor Who Book of Monsters from one of my friends who is a proto-fan, a book about British Kings and Queens, Gerald Durrell's A Zoo in my Luggage, which I've loved since I read it as a child. Oh, and BB's going to get me my first tattoo ... yesssssss! Got a back spasm.

  • Writing: Trying to work on [community profile] fandom_stocking and thus far I have one story finished up, just about half an hour ago. With maybe three days to go before it closes, this is as unproductive as I've been in years. We shall see whether writing what I did today may have loosened the log jam in my brain at all.

  • BB: in bed all day with a cough and a temperature that got to about 102.8 before falling a little. I am worried.

And now, to bed, with heating pad and extra pillows because, yes, the back is still wonked. 

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