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I Can Haz Japanese Curry!

Which I made myself, with home-made Japanese curry roux that took about 25 minutes to properly make (butter and flour cooked very slowly, constantly stirring, over low heat for about 22 minutes, and then curry, garam masala and cayenne pepper dumped in and mixed in. I can see why Japanese cooks make extensive use of ready-made curry roux (and I've used it myself), because making it from scratch is time consuming. But I've done it, and I know how to do it now, and that makes me very happy.

All the while, I'm slicing up onions and carefully cutting carrots with a style of cutting that I'm told is called "rangiri" and soaking potatoes, and cutting up the beef (one shortcut; it was the leftover Christmas roast beef that BB had made. It was a slightly tougher roast beef than he was happy with, but as the meat base for curry? Fantastic, and it cut the cooking time for the dish by about 20 minutes.)

Once the thinly sliced onion (which I was able to slice with the mandoline part of an all-in-one salad preparation bowl that my friend Dr. Gonzo gave us for Christmas, and I finally have a workable mandoline, and it makes cutting things up so easy!!!!!) was sauteed down to mush, in went more curry powder, garlic, about two teaspoons of ginger paste, because I didn't have ginger, and ginger paste is much, much easier, and then a cup of red wine and the beef. I let the beef simmer in the wine until the alcohol burned off, then added eight cups of beef broth and the veggies, and let everything boil until the veggies were tender.

Then in went the roux and, voila, the curry thickened right up. Meanwhile, the rice cooker had done its magic, and supper was ready! BB and I joked that our dinner table looked just like the tables of our favorite anime characters. As did the bubbling pot of curry.

I know I'm silly for being giddy about making Japanese style curry, especially since I developed a taste for it by watching loads of anime, but I don't care. It tastes great. (The British brought curry to Japan, which is why there's a culinary connection and similarity in tastes between Japanese and British curry dishes. I learned that while hunting down the recipe.)
Hmmm. Also, in non anime news, BB and I have started watching Legend of Korra. We are greatly impressed, and FB tells me it just keeps getting better. Woo-hoo!

Also, we finally took down the tree and got it to the park district for mulching. Less about what I truly think was about a quarter-pound of needles. That was a very, very, very dry tree by the time we took it out of the house. A vacuum full of needles. I even had to get needles out of the toaster. (Don't ask.)

Off to have a BAM and watch more anime. Because that's how I roll. (Did I mention that I made the curry while dancing around to Brazilian bossanova? I didn't? Well, that's what I did.)

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