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Snowmageddon? Or Snowpocalypse? Hmmm ....

Not compared to the mugging Mother Nature performed on the East Coast just a few days ago, but Chicago and the rest of Illinois are making a valiant come-from-behind effort. We've got 13" 16" on the ground, with more than five hours to go before the blizzard warning is lifted, and we just hit white-out conditions in sections of Cook County. Chicago's apparently the center of this weather system. And also the epicenter. Yay, us!

I'm enjoying the second true day of vacation (my first days of vacation, Friday and Saturday morning, were spent trying to get one last story into my boss on the new NewsGate editorial platform we're using. I shouldn't do that, but I have a new editor - again - and I felt bad not getting as much in to him as possible for while I was gone. So, yeah, real vacation didn't start until Saturday afternoon, although I did escape from the house on Friday.)

And what did I do on the second true day of vacation? I made a tomato, chicken and vegetable stew. I am ridiculously pleased that I was able to adjust my Japanese beef curry recipe, and the recipe for the curry roux, and make a non-curry based roux (not as thick as the curry roux, because there aren't as many spices in it; I used 1.5 T of paprika, plus about 1/2 t of granulated garlic, instead of 1T of curry and 1T of garam masala) and use the curry stew process to make the chicken stew. Carrots, onions, potatoes, mushrooms and cut-up baby egg plants, and it was all extremely yummy. A quick bunch of biscuits to go with (I cheated and used Bisquik), and we had a proper Sunday night winter supper.

People asked me where I was going on my vacation *snort* ... I'm a Pioneer Press reporter, "going on vacation" is a limited activity. I told them I was heading to the kitchen. And it was more than a joke. Spending time in the kitchen is one of the most relaxing things I can think of doing. It's creation that people can eat; and when you cook for people, you usually end up around a table with those people, (and during the cooking process, I love having people around to talk to), so there's a social aspect to it. It requires a little imagination, and a willingness to think quickly - I don't think you can do anything but think quickly, when you realize that you don't have this or that ingredient, and you need to figure out how to substitute for it right now.

I told BB that I think the three places I'm happiest these days are lying in bed with my head on his chest, mucking about with fic or journaling online, and cooking or baking. I think cooking and baking slot in right between BB and online activity. It gives me a great deal of joy to make food. I'm not a chef; I have no patience for that, and I take shortcuts, and I'm not particularly interested in trying to go for specific textures or subtle tastes; I just want it to taste pretty darned good. The fact that I like making large amounts of Japanese or Indian-influenced comfort food doesn't change my essentially workmanlike results, and I'm perfectly satisfied with that. I also told BB that I'd probably make a decent lumber camp cook; large amounts that don't suck. Heh.

We have gotten through the first two seasons of Korra and the ending of the second season left me worried for the entire little Avatar universe. I'm hoping we can do a mini-binge of three or four episodes tonight. And perhaps some more Durarara, which we started watching again; we'd watched about five episodes, and really liked it, but we'd stopped watching for some reason. Now we're right back into it, and I can see why people loved it when it came out a few years ago. I've also become an unashamed fan of Akatsuke no Yona, partly because of its music. It's silly, and kind of shallow, but I love it. Historical drama melodrama, very chambara like, except with pseudo-Korean history and dragons. Yes, I am a cheap date; why do you ask?

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