kaffyr (kaffyr) wrote,

Dept. of Because My Life Needs This

 And Now We Have Squirrel(s) In Our Heating Ducts

Yesterday, I thought (like an idiot), that it was just the system settling because, I don't know, the weight of snow on the HVAC units on the roof. 

Nope. I should have paid more attention to the cats going fucking nuts yesterday. 

They're also going nuts now. And all I can think of is "The poor thing." 

We'll be spending $300 to $600, probably, to extract the squirrel(s), and I'm praying we can do it without taking sections out of our wall, or killing the little guy(s)/gals(s). Failing that, that we send 'em to heaven quickly and relatively painlessly, and get them out before they start to smell. 

Only us, Maynard.

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Tags: life in the circus, wtf?
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