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Dept. of My Body is a Cage

Well, of Course

Back spasms. Just before I went to bed Tuesday night, it started. I got some sleep, because the spasms were "gentle" enough to let me breathe through them, so I only woke up several times.  I'm fairly certain it happened because I spent so much time in the kitchen. BB and I have now discussed putting the kitchen island (which is largely made up of a non-tilting pseudo drafting table), up on bricks, in order to get the working surface up to the level of the surrounding counters. Spending too much time int he kitchen - you know, doing that cooking thing I like - while ever-so-slightly, almost non-noticeably, bent over, does not appear to be a good thing for me.

I tried to stretch the back muscle, one that's just above my left kidney, in the hopes of either stopping the spasm (one pang every 24 seconds or so), or triggering it into the next phase of pain, in an effort to force the cycle to an early end. I succeeded in the latter, so I'm sort of hoping that the usual cycle of three days of pain gets short-circuited into, maybe, two nights.

So, most of the day I
was in bed and in pain, except for the time I was walking around and in pain.

I am grumbling about this, as you might imagine.

I did sit in the jacuzzi for about half a glorious hour, during which the jets kept the spasms at bay. Almost went to sleep. Now, of course, it's back to being very painful. I shall have to dope myself up completely to get to sleep.

Still, if I can handle it for long enough, we're going to watch Agent Carter, and possibly Akatsuke no Yona before I collapse into drug-sodden unconsciousness.

Oh, and once the tax money comes in, we're going to be looking at a new mattress. One that actually supports people with spines.

Enough of this. Think about Agent Carter and Akatsuke no Yona instead, woman!

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