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Damn, that's funny.

My Boyz, Let Me Show You Them.
My son is in the kitchen with one of his best friends, making strawberry syrup to go on ice cream. I'm glad they're around.

Son-boy and the other guy, with whom he's been in a band for several years, are reciting lines from Family Guy at each other and giggling. They do insanely accurate impressions of everyone on Family Guy. And of everyone in almost every show on Adult Swim. And of a frighteningly broad swath of characters from movies I haven't seen - the kind that are so fucking full of post-modern stupid-coz-we-can-be humor and sardonically sophomoric pop memeage that any plot sinks beneath the quips and the color scheme.

They make me laugh way too much. 
Tags: family, life in the circus, silly
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