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Boosting the Signal

I think most of my f'list has seen this, but on the off-chance some of you haven't, I ask that you take a look at Nancy's fundraising page. She's [personal profile] editrx here and over on Live Journal, and she is in love with words the way most of us. But she's done more than that; she's chosen to make her living with words, in several different ways.

I'm a writer, and once upon a time I
was an occasional editor. My love affair with books began long ago. But I would never have the confidence, ability or bravery that's necessary to start a book store, or to make my way in the modern world of editing. This lady had, and has, the guts to do so. She's worked harder at her dream than you can imagine.

Life's hit her hard recently; health problems, financial crises, personal tragedies ... but she doesn't want to give up. She's more wiling than many people I know to sacrifice for what what she chooses to do. Right now, though, sacrifice isn't enough, and circumstances are thisclose to bringing her dream down around her ears.

She doesn't need much, in the grand scheme of things; but what she needs, she needs in 13 days.

Please consider helping her. It would be, as my mother used to say, a star in your crown.

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