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Post Hiatus Thoughts

Things I've been thinking of during the week or so I didn't post anything.

After I read that Wisconsin has slithered into that half of the U.S. that is afflicted with so-called "Right to Work" anti-union laws, I couldn't help but wonder; with union membership nationwide at a paltry 11.1 percent — a number that drops to 6.7 percent when public sector union members are excluded — why are the anti-union crowd so frightened of the union movement? It's pretty clear union members are not the menacing hordes they're made out to be by corporate apologists and their sleazy fellows. I mean, you'd think they'd be satisfied, knowing that union membership is down almost 10 percent from 1983, when it was 20.1 percent. That they'd be able to sit around their comfortable dens, and finally feel safe, knowing that they can command 89 percent of the workforce at will, that they can promise, renege, coerce, frighten, shaft, fire, layoff at will, etc. nearly all the working men and women in this nation.  But nope, apparently the idea that 11.1 percent of the workforce still not only believes it has a right to fight back, but the means to fight back, terrifies them. And then I think about all the people who fall for the Big, Bad, Powerful Unions That Just Want Your Money And Won't Let You Do What You Want line, and I simultaneously want to slap sense into people and weep.

I am now officially a Brainiac on vocabulary.com. I finally and forever understand the meaning of recondite and heuristic. Go, me. I'm still weak on asyndeton and chiasmus, though.

Oh, Absalom my son, my son Absalom ....

It is possible for me to make a curry that is actually too hot for me to eat comfortably.

I'm still writing fic, a half sentence or so a day.

It's finally spring; the last of the ice dam in the alley behind our place has melted away. It may be a telling sign of my age that each winter I become more afraid that it will not end before I do.

I am so very glad that I know BB. I love him so very much.

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