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Birthdays And More

It's Monday, and I'm going to try something novel; getting things done before the absolute last minute. It's crazy, but it just ... might ... work.

And before I do that I will allow myself one last piece of procrastination, to wish a bunch of folks past, current, or near-future birthdays.

Happy Birthday,
[personal profile] robling_t !  That would be today, or perhaps on the 26th, one or the other, depending on whether I believe your bio, or the extremely odd livejournal algorithm - but it doesn't matter, since I hope you have a wonderful birthday, no matter what. May you finish the blanket when you want it to be finished, and may Jason and Trevor continue to live in your works!

Hello and best wishes (as of April 1st) to
sarah531; may this year be productive, filled with joy and lots of fannish things to mull over and squee about!

And I'm not going to forget [personal profile] purplefringe , who puts out some of the loveliest fanvids it's been my pleasure to watch - I hope your birthday, also on the 1st of April, will be wonderful!

And finally, I really think one should start one's week off with something educational. And musical. And if you can mix them up, so much the better.

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