kaffyr (kaffyr) wrote,

Dept. of Moar Birthdays

I Forgot the Dates, but Never the Amazing People

I forgot, in this past week of crazed Life as Usual (c), to wish Happy Birthday to some people I like very much,

Happy birthday,
ladymercury_10; I hope your birthday on April 13 was a happy one. I'm so glad that grad school is almost behind you, and that you continue to find really good comics to consume and appreciate! May this coming year be filled with the right blend of challenge and relaxation, and I hope we get the chance to do tea together again soon.

Happy birthday to
ameliaponders, who celebrated on April 14. I know you don't drop by often, but if you happen to see this - I hope your birthday was excellent!

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Tags: birthdays, fandom, good people, interesting people

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