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Thoughts of an Irritable Old Lady

After reading more about the Unhappy Canines than I'd planned to, I'm reminded, after seeing too many (by my lights) comments of "Well, both sides have been unreasonable," or "Reasonable people can see the arguments of both sides," or (help me not bang my head against the wall, oh small local godlet of personal self discipline) "The extremists on both sides," I find myself going outside and staring into the starry vastness and screaming FALSE EQUIVALENCY, PEOPLE, IT'S A THING! IT'S A BAD, STUPID, MEALY-MOUTHED THING! Because sometimes, one side really is the right side.

After reading about Rachel Dolezal's strange, strange story, I was first completely gobsmacked at the story in general. Then, I wondered about the life she'd led that brought her to the point of perpetrating such a lengthy and counter-intuitive deception and the personal tragedy it represented. Then, after reading a few commentaries, including this one, I started thinking about something I should have been thinking about from the beginning: the supreme arrogance of privilege that she exhibited, even as she perhaps thought she was doing the exact opposite.

And then came the shooting by a white terrorist in Charleston.

I still insist that there is hope for humanity, and that there is more good than evil, more honesty than deceit, more generosity than cupidity, in the human heart. But my own heart is aching, and some of that ache comes from the effort I have to make not to answer hate with hate, and meanness with meanness. It's very hard.

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