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The show, she goes on....

...and we're dragging people into her. Victory is ours...
    I just realized today that we have, in an office of 20 people, 6 rabid Battlestar Galactica fans. That may not seem like many, but consider the percentage, given the statistical niche into which the show slides.  *counts on fingers, because math is hard* Yup, almost a third.
    It's impressive, particularly since at least three of the six were successfully
proselytized by one of our younger colleagues. Now our only problem is that three of the six are behind the current run. My boss is half-way through Season 1, our uber office boss, (a generally non-TV watching gentleman who was initially extremely wary of getting into the series) has reached the end of the second season, I think, and the third person is about one or two shows back in the current season. But the glee with which I and the proselytizer observe the fruits of his labor is satisfying to this old skiffy fan, I must say.
Tags: bsg, fandom, television, work
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