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Dept. of Memory Lane

I Knew The Bride When She Used to Rock and Roll

You know that part in my profile bio where it says "I used to be a chick singer in an unsuccessful rock and roll band."?

Proof, courtesy of friend and fannish historian
[personal profile] gerisullivan , who unearthed pictures of one of the times the band was successful; when we were guests of honor at the 1985 Minicon, in Minneapolis (and thanks to her for letting me link to her post.)

As I say in the comment I made over there, the picture of me singing with my eyes open was a rare and anomalous moment in entertainment history. I normally could not open my eyes and look at the audience. I have no idea, since I certainly was able to keep my eyes open when I acted onstage.

Jesus Harold Christ, I was young.

Also? I married the handsomest man in the world. Also also, we had the best lawyer-bassist anywhere; Dr. Gonzo. 

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Tags: comedy, fandom, life in the circus, music
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