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Keeping Up with Keeping Up

Short, and probably not completely sweet:

The Hugos. Kudos to Noah Ward, and pointing and jeering (albeit, believe it or not, with a great deal of sadness) at the Sad and Rabids, who have been involved in a frothing and gnashing of teeth-type declarations that "Our Loss Proclaims Our Win!" and/or "Our Loss Proclaims that The Tiny Clique of Evil Anti-Democratic SJW's Somehow Gathered Enough Votes to Beat Us despite us asking everyone we could think of to game the system wait, that's right out, we did not say that" - or possibly both, because ... because Puppies.

Went to a barbecue on the far - very far - South Side of Chicago. The hosts are kind of great people; she's a long time fan and labor activist who's volunteering for Bernie, he's in the city's fire department whose generally liberal, or liberal-leaning attitude is possibly unusual for the fire department. I say all this because I had a bit of A Moment with some of the people at the barbecue, folks that the husband knows from his work. They were perfectly lovely, of that type (she said patronizingly ... yeah, I know what I sound like) - until I heard them talking about Caitlyn Jenner. I'm sure you can guess the kind of things; mis-gendering the pronouns deliberately because "he's still a guy," and declaring with certainty that "he's" doing it for the publicity and the money.

Yeah; we don't even want to go there, do we? I had a moment of "this is not my party and I don't know these people, and I don't want to be rude."

And then I figured, hell, no. So I said I thought it was simply good manners to use the pronouns that someone wished to be called. One woman, who obviously figured that perhaps they'd made at least some sort of misstep, did the "Well, of course, but 'he's' doing it for money -" And I said I figured she did it because she had to be what she really was. There was no further discussion of Caitlyn Jenner. Bob was amused at the fact that I'd crossed me arms as I said all this; I undoubtedly looked rather holier-than-thou.

But I was right, and they were wrong - and my host told me later that she'd have done the same thing.  So take that, you fucking bigots.


Also, still working on the master list - but I've run into an unexpected problem. As I've gone back to gather up my stories, I've discovered all sorts of extremely aggravating coding problems with some of my stories, nearly all of them centering around Dreamwidth's apparent inability to provide me workable cuts, at least if I do the posts in Chrome. I've gone into the http and checked the codes (of course, by "codes" I mean the monumentally simplistic lj/dreamdwidth codes, because I don't know anything but those) and in some cases, it seems as if everything's coded properly ... augh ... anyhow, I've found myself digging around, trying to fix that, instead of setting up the fic indexes. I do seem to be very easily diverted from my purpose.

And finally, I've started re-reading one of my favorite C.J. Cherryh series, the Chanur series. I had forgotten how much I loved all the characters, and the world-building; the hani, the mahe ... and, for providing really fascinating villains, the kif. And of course the methane breathers ... I'm into the fourth book and still loving it.

So - how's by everyone else?

Also -
I promise I'll get back and respond to folks in earlier posts, and try to catch up with everyone else.

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