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Dept. of Labor Day Weekend

Lack of Labor Day

It's Sunday, and I still have another day of weekend ... oh, long weekends, I love thee ....

I am in Chanur withdrawal, having now re-read all five of C.J. Cherryh's novels of Compact space. I'm tempted to just start all over again. I did look for fic, and was sad to find only about six pieces on AO3. All were good - in a couple of cases surprisingly so, and very close in style to Cherryh's. But oh, what I wouldn't give for more! And if Cherryh ever decides, apropos of nothing, that she's going to return to telling tales of Hani, Mahendosat, Kif, Stsho, Knnn, Chi, and T'ca, I'll be first in line to buy the first volume I can get a copy of.

I have another thing I've had to say goodbye to; Defiance. BB and I watched the last three episodes of S03 of the show last weekend. I am hoping for a S04, since it ended with two of our heroes far, far across the universe from where they started, and I want to see Nolan and Doc Yewl get home to Defiance. And I want to see Erissa and Alac get to know each other better, and see Luke grow up, and see more of Datak and Stahma, those most admirable villains, and I want to see Amanda and Berlin again, and see how Defiance manages to deal with the Votanis Collective, and see if Nolan and Yewl manage to find a planet where they can drop the Omec (with any luck a planet from which they can never, ever, ever, find Earth) ... but if it does have to end, it did end on a gloriously cosmic note. Does anyone out there share my enjoyment of this show?

I'm well on my way to being legally in this country; the USCIS sent me word of my Sept. 16 appointment to have my biometrics taken - a needlessly fancy way of saying they're going to take my fingerprints - and after that, it should be clear sailing.

FB has a full-time job, hurrah! Upon coming back from his summer of theater touring, he applied himself diligently and found himself a decent job (salaried, ohmygoodness), and I can see the relief shining from him. I, too, am relieved, as is his father, for obvious reasons.

I've decided, quite foolishly, I'm certain, to have a Labor Day barbecue tomorrow, despite the heat and despite weather forecasts that include the chance of thunderstorms. Because, apparently, I like to make things difficult for myself. Up early tomorrow, clean the bathroom, find a decent recipe for grilling an Ahi tuna steak for one guest who doesn't eat red meat, see if I can make some bread, make sure to do my exercises (and I'm not even going to go on about the new exercises that I get to do to strengthen another weakened section of my body, except to say that I believe in physical therapy now in a way I never did before), and then, perhaps, sit down to catch up with people and possibly even do some plotting for Chapter 26.

And less than two weeks now until Series 09 (or whatever series it would be if I counted all the way from 1963)! It's going to be my birthday present!

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