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Link, linkety-link

For Your Delectation, Delight and/or Bemused Incomprehension

....all of which I experienced when I visited these pages.

Thanks to cutecouple and heatherbelles over on TWoP for the first two. The third is something I ran across as part of my job, and I'm interested in other people's response to it. Me, I like the idea of reunions, because the one and only reunion I ever attended was one of the most positive things I've experienced in my life when it comes to my school days. Any thoughts, y'all?

1) Dairy delight at Amazon (I understand it's been a matter of amusement in the New York Times since 2006, but I don't mind being a day late and a dollar short.)

2) Those wacky Welsh

3) But can you hug someone you haven't hugged in years on Facebook?
Tags: meanderings, weirdity

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