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Dept. of Saturday Night

A Day in Which I Got Gin

That's really all I can title my day, or my post (why is it that I insist on titling my posts, I wonder?) For I did little more today than a) make my holiday card list, b) rewatch the Zygon Invasion and Inversion, and Face the Raven with my First Born, who'd specifically asked me to help him catch up with the season - and go out to get some meds, and some gin. 

Note that I have, quite manfully, resisted making some sort of bad joke about meds and gin being sought on the same trip. 

Also, I went to see Mockingjay, Part Two, with my friend Rose and two of her friends. Rose and I ended up sitting very close to the front, which is really the only way I can actually see movies these days, while her two friends ended up several rows behind us. One of the two gentleman was actually a friend of Rose's friend, and she said she actually wasn't very fond of him. After we met up following the end of the film (which I found engrossing, well done, and well acted, contrary to some reviewers), I got a hint of why she didn't like him. On the other hand, it was the first and undoubtedly only time I shall ever have to deal with him, so it didn't bother me. He made some disparaging remarks about the Black Friday/Black Lives Matter marches in Chicago yesterday, and I found it quite satisfying to - briefly, relatively politely, but pointedly - suggest that he was a privileged asshat. Age is so very freeing, I find....

And now I'm back home, with Bob. I note with something akin to slightly uneasy amusement, that I realized upon return home that I immediately relaxed, as soon as I knew I was within physical reaching distance of Bob. There is surely some mental health professional who would be glad to tell me (were I to pay them) that I have an unhealthy connection to my Best Beloved. Which is undoubtedly why I wouldn't bother going to such a mental health professional, let alone pay them. 

I sacrificed being able to see Heaven Sent tonight; we shall see it tomorrow, and then I'll click on everyone else's comments. I've started reading elisi's meta on Face the Raven, and am once again impressed, even though I'm only about three or four paragraphs down, with how much she sees that I completely miss. 

And with that, I bid you all adieu until sometime Sunday morning. 
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