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Here's to A Happy New Year

Some of my online friends have long since celebrated leaving 2015 and entering 2016. I am just getting ready to join friends here in Chicago for dinner and then champagne at midnight, and I wanted to thank everyone out there in my pixiled and pixilated online world for helping me get through 2015.

It was one hell of a year:

I navigated through the extreme oddity of working for the same people, but in a new and less friendly (but hopefully more financially secure) company.

I dealt with one significant emotional upheaval, in part because of that, and physical problems, including back spasms, that ultimately brought about something good: for the first time since my 20s, I'm exercising regularly. It hasn't kept my weight down; I regained about 2/3rds of the weight I lost between 2009 and 2014, but I'm relatively certain that I'm in better shape.

I turned 60.

My son went through one major upheaval at the beginning of the  year, and managed to survive it with a little help from those who loved him. He is still with his lady friend; they survived a summer on the road together, and he came back and, again with the help of people who love him, found a job that he is enjoying, that pays him more than his mother makes, and that promises him stability. AND he has been able to exercise his intellect and talent by writing radio comedy/drama, acting in his first Panto, and returning to music by playing and writing for a band that's trying to make it.

I spent another year with the man I love.

Those things helped me continue in the job (remember the job at the top of this list), which has become progressively more difficult to love.

I didn't finish Hearts And Moons. 2016 or bust!

And I had another 365 days of knowing you, meeting you, talking to you and having my life be generally enriched by you.

May your 2016 be good; may it be free from pain and financial insecurity. May it be full of love, shored by friends and enriched by creativity.

Thank you for being there.

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