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Unions and Special Assessments and Irritation, Oh My. 

So what's on the agenda for the coming week, 
[personal profile] kaffyr ?

Monday: 11:30 a.m. emergency union-management meeting. After telling us on Wednesday that there were no plans for layoffs, we get calls on Friday indicating ... you know ... sort of maybe the opposite. Jesus. I'll be the ranking union member there, because our local's president called me this morning to say that his dad, who everybody thought was recovering from appendicitis, instead died. The poor guy - I know at least a little of what he's going through. And in the evening, a park district meeting to cover.

Tuesday: a village board meeting.  

Wednesday: regular union local meeting. Again, I'll be handling the meeting. We have either one, or two, really tough grievance issues to fight through. Yay. 

Thursday: a zoning-oriented land use committee meeting. And people, when I really don't want to cover zoning, which I love irrationally, you know I'm ready to pack the week in. 

Let's see, what else are we dealing with this week?

Ah, yes, the sudden emergence of previously quiet condo association unit owners (and by quiet, I mean no one has asked for an association meeting for years, with the exception of the meeting I called last January to explain the need for an assessment increase) eager for the board to show what it's been doing with their money. That this sudden eruption of small scale civic responsibility coincides with my notice of a 12 month special assessment to put our books back into good health - one in which no one is going to have to pay more than $64 extra a month, and most will be paying between $39 and $48 - surprises me not at all. 

I'm going to go and eat a very, very late supper, watch some anime and try to get some sleep. And perhaps sleep will allow me to shed the irritation I'm feeling at the moment. 
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