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Dept. of Emergency Birthday Roundup

Happy Birthday to Y'all, Every Single One of You

February has been particularly bad for me when it comes to posting, which is a shame since there were, occasionally, interesting things I'd thought about saying.  And silence begets silence; when you haven't said anything for a while, you find you're out of practice in saying anything. 

Still, getting back up on the bicycle by wishing February birthday celebrators the very best February - and the very best in the coming year - seems a good place to start.  I'm lucky to know so many interesting people, and I'm glad they have birthdays to celebrate. 

*takes deep breath*

Here we go!

Happy birthday, 
[personal profile] beccadg ! Your birthday was way back on Feb. 4 and I hope it was just the start of a very good month, and an even better year.
Happy Birthday, 
[personal profile] scripsi ; you celebrated back on Feb. 7, and I hope family and friends feted you as you deserve.
Many happy returns of the day (Feb. 8), 
[personal profile] harvey_rrit ! You're witty, and a pleasure to know; we probably don't agree on a lot, but where would we be if everyone agreed? Bored, that's what. 
Happy Birthday, 
[personal profile] pitry ; your party day was Feb. 12, and I trust there were no giraffes to disturb the big day ....
Belated birthday wishes to you, 
[personal profile] amberfocus , also back on Feb. 12 - may this year be a good one for you.
My fellow Christopher Eccleston fan, 
[personal profile] aililinnea 's birthday was on Feb. 14. I hope you had all the chocolate you wanted, and that you had a chance to enjoy some lovely pictures of Chris. 
wendymr, one of the first people to convince me that fanfic could be high quality,  celebrated on Feb. 17, and I hope you're still enjoying post-birthday fun this weekend!
Happy returns of Feb. 17 to 
[personal profile] marence  as well. I hope you make it back to Chicago some time, and we can enjoy more than a cup of coffee together.
And finally, to my dearly beloved lyricalviolet, who is an amazing woman, an artist, a business woman, a fan, a fic writer, an actor, a wife, soon to be a mother - you celebrated on Feb. 18, and I hope you had a fantastic day. All my love, my dear!

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