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Dept. of Emergency Birthday Roundup

Happy Birthday to Y'all, Every Single One of You

February has been particularly bad for me when it comes to posting, which is a shame since there were, occasionally, interesting things I'd thought about saying.  And silence begets silence; when you haven't said anything for a while, you find you're out of practice in saying anything. 

Still, getting back up on the bicycle by wishing February birthday celebrators the very best February - and the very best in the coming year - seems a good place to start.  I'm lucky to know so many interesting people, and I'm glad they have birthdays to celebrate. 

*takes deep breath*

Here we go!

Happy birthday, 
[personal profile] beccadg ! Your birthday was way back on Feb. 4 and I hope it was just the start of a very good month, and an even better year.
Happy Birthday, 
[personal profile] scripsi ; you celebrated back on Feb. 7, and I hope family and friends feted you as you deserve.
Many happy returns of the day (Feb. 8), 
[personal profile] harvey_rrit ! You're witty, and a pleasure to know; we probably don't agree on a lot, but where would we be if everyone agreed? Bored, that's what. 
Happy Birthday, 
[personal profile] pitry ; your party day was Feb. 12, and I trust there were no giraffes to disturb the big day ....
Belated birthday wishes to you, 
[personal profile] amberfocus , also back on Feb. 12 - may this year be a good one for you.
My fellow Christopher Eccleston fan, 
[personal profile] aililinnea 's birthday was on Feb. 14. I hope you had all the chocolate you wanted, and that you had a chance to enjoy some lovely pictures of Chris. 
wendymr, one of the first people to convince me that fanfic could be high quality,  celebrated on Feb. 17, and I hope you're still enjoying post-birthday fun this weekend!
Happy returns of Feb. 17 to 
[personal profile] marence  as well. I hope you make it back to Chicago some time, and we can enjoy more than a cup of coffee together.
And finally, to my dearly beloved lyricalviolet, who is an amazing woman, an artist, a business woman, a fan, a fic writer, an actor, a wife, soon to be a mother - you celebrated on Feb. 18, and I hope you had a fantastic day. All my love, my dear!

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Feb. 21st, 2016 03:46 am (UTC)
Wow, there's a lot of us with February birthdays! And there's also lindenharp on the 14th :)

I so appreciate your thoughtfulness in acknowledging everyone's birthday, by the way. It's such a nice gesture.

(I'm actually on the 18th ;) )

On another subject, I have been watching the SC primary results, and I think now that I find Ted Cruz even more distasteful than Donald Trump. The dirty tricks, the lies and the intolerance, as well as his policies - it's all truly despicable. *shudder*
Feb. 21st, 2016 08:21 pm (UTC)
And there's also lindenharp on the 14th

Another Valentine's baby - Happy Birthday to her, as well!

I like wishing people happy birthday, although too often I let the day pass, as I did here. And, oh, LJ has betrayed me again in regards to your birthday - it show up in my notices as being on the 17th.

Oh, Cruz is the entire package, he is. I think one of the bits of minor hypocrisy I find particularly upsetting is the fact that his birth in Calgary was undoubtedly paid for at least partly by the Canadian single-payer system - and he's not willing to extend such help to the American citizens he so loudly professes to love.

And today, after last night's tiresomely, heart-breakingly familiar gun murder story (someone drove around the Michigan university town of Kalamazoo, MI, randomly shooting people in parking lots. Seven people are dead, including a father and son, and a 14-year-old girl), I view him with even more distaste. Although, to be fair, everyone on that side of the presidential nomination aisle holds the same gun-control beliefs as Cruz.
Feb. 21st, 2016 08:47 pm (UTC)
Oh, but guns don't kill people... *headdesk*

Cruz's blatant hypocrisy was also on full display last night when he lambasted Trump and Rubio for dirty tricks, completely ignoring the lying flyers and texts, the push-polls, the misinformation and other nasty tactics his team has been using. He is truly obnoxious.
Feb. 21st, 2016 10:40 pm (UTC)
You were a braver woman than I, to listen to him. Augh. One wonders if he's simply oblivious to his own jerkitude, or whether he knows and doesn't care. Both are noxious possibilities.

Edited at 2016-02-21 10:41 pm (UTC)
Feb. 21st, 2016 07:53 am (UTC)
I know exactly what you mean about the "getting out of the habit" issue - and the longer you leave it, the more you feel as though your first post "back" is or should be deeply significant, and it gets harder to post.

That was one of my excuses for doing the daily #happything - I suspect lots of people who do a weekly diary post, or photo diary, find the same. It means you don't need another "reason" to post and keeps you in the habit :-)
Feb. 21st, 2016 08:22 pm (UTC)
Indeed - and I like your #happything meme; it increased my enjoyment at seeing you back with extra enjoyment about each day's tiny bit of joy. Perhaps I should start doing this as well!

Feb. 21st, 2016 04:41 pm (UTC)
Thank you. It wasn't a bad birthday.

(And... well, if everyone agreed with me... Tomorrowland.)
Feb. 21st, 2016 08:38 pm (UTC)
Glad to hear it wasn't a bad one. (As an aside, my Best Beloved once noted, shortly after we met and while I still had many Canadianisms in my speech, that the term "Not bad, eh?" was the way he heard most Canadians say "pretty damned good, eh?")

Tomorrowland - the movie, the Disneyland attraction, both, neither?
Feb. 21st, 2016 11:17 pm (UTC)
The place the movie was about. The place they were intending to make but never did.
Feb. 21st, 2016 11:25 pm (UTC)
Gotcha. (Was the movie worth a watch, by the way?)
Feb. 22nd, 2016 01:29 am (UTC)
It very much was. It got crappy reviews, as did Pixels; I have seen both, and conclude that the reviews are the result of crappy reviewers.
Feb. 22nd, 2016 02:37 pm (UTC)
I've noticed that I often like, or even love, some movies that reviewers either don't get or truly dislike. In my youth, there used to be a reviewer here in Chicago, for one of the weekly alternative papers, whose reviews were especially stuffy, pretentious and self-congratulatory. I soon learned that if he liked a movie, I'd avoid it; if he hated a movie, I'd try to make time in my schedule to see it. He went on to a stint at the New York Times, but I don't know what happened to him thereafter, since I didn't bother to read him after that.
Feb. 23rd, 2016 02:21 am (UTC)
That was a reliable reviewer.

I remember going nuts with frustration when Tom Easton was reviewing books for Analog. He focused on Social Implications. I don't give two farts what an author's politics are! I've read Ursula leGuin with great enjoyment, and the idea of her ever possessing political power is the stuff of horror films-- but her stories hang together!
Feb. 23rd, 2016 03:12 am (UTC)
Oh, he was definitely reliable. Risible as well.

Although I probably do pay some attention to social implications, I probably don't insist that they be there in ALL CAPS, whether that's on the left, right, north, or south. There are a few people that I would have trouble rereading (for instance, some of MZB's Darkover novels were important to me as a young girl; now the only thing keeping me from pitching those of her books that I still have on my shelf is that, well, they're books. I think Orson Scott Card is a gifted writer, but I'm not sure I'd be comfortable rereading him.) On the other hand, I regularly reread 6xH, and I think The Unpleasant Profession of Jonathan Hoag is a masterpiece.
Feb. 21st, 2016 09:39 pm (UTC)
Thank you! <3
Feb. 21st, 2016 10:41 pm (UTC)
My pleasure!
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