kaffyr (kaffyr) wrote,

Dept. of Good Things, Friday edition

Gratitude Redux 

1. I'm grateful that today is Friday - it's always good to know I have a two day vacation coming up!
2. I'm grateful that the weather predicts a partly sunny day, and that I have a lovely sweater to wear in the March chill. 
3. I'm grateful that today is the day I'm paid, which will cover our mortgage this month. 
4. I' m grateful that an experiment I tried this week, going without my daily painkiller for three days, worked out with only a little extra pain in my foot and in my thumbs. I'm going to go back to taking my daily level, because I do need my thumbs for my work, and also because there's no reason for me to deal with extra pain, or pain at all - it's not a mark of moral strength, no matter what Puritan detritus taints our American cultural attitudes - but it reminded me that, no, I'm not either physically or psychically dependent on the painkiller. 
5. I'm grateful that tonight I will mix myself a big-ass-martini and enjoy time with BB.
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Tags: good things, gratitude, meanderings
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