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Dept. of Gratitude, Weekend Edition Part Deux

Sunday Going on Monday

I'm tired and definitely wary about heading into the week, because there's word coming down that the very few of us reporters who have a single town beat, or a two town beat, are going to be shuffled around, given new beats, and generally upended because the company undoubtedly won't replace the six reporters who took buyouts and will simply try to stretch us even thinner than we are. I don't look forward to that - but sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof, eh? I'd rather focus on things I'm grateful for.

1. I am grateful that I got to spend a delightful evening with one current colleague and two former colleagues, having dinner at a Nepalese restaurant, catching up with each other, and laughing a whole lot. Laughter and friendship; absolutely necessary to one's spiritual health.
2. I'm grateful that I raised a fannish son, particularly one who is a fan of Who. I came home from dinner, to find that FB had spent one day at C2E2, the Chicago version of Comic Con, and while there, he'd bought me a lovely necklace, featuring a black and white pendant with the Gallifreyan symbol on it. I'm wearing it now. It's lovely.
3. I am so glad I finally got around to making coffee jelly with unused coffee that had been sitting in the kitchen for a bit (luckily, coffee lasts a long time before it's unusable).  Coffee jelly is a wonderful dessert from my childhood, (and is a also a big dessert in Japan, which I find amusing). I've made it before, but I wasn't sure I'd get around to making this time, because procrastination is one of my big problems these day. But I made it, and I am very pleased with myself. So I'm grateful that I didn't procrastinate.
4. I'm grateful for a burst of energy that has allowed me to almost complete the fic that had been log-jammed for so long, and for whom I'd written a paragraph last week. It went from about 390 words this morning to 930 tonight. That makes me very happy.
5. Finally, I'm grateful that I was able to take a picture of this sign, as BB and I did some shopping chores this afternoon.

 photo 4e588d5f-d488-426c-b818-276c026f6b09_zpsxyrcm6mj.jpg

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