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NOT Doctor Who

Oh, look - she's posting something that isn't about Doctor Who. About damned time.

I finally got back to work today, starting my return by walking into the newsroom with a shiny set of new Illinois license plates for my car. Which is now my car, following 1.5 days of remarkable adventure at the Secretary of State's office. (That is, for all intents and purposes, analogous to the DMV in most other corners of This Fair Land.) And no, I shall not tell you all about those 1.5 days of remarkable adventure because they were, in fact, not remarkable. Therefore, I shall not remark upon them.

Getting back to work was less difficult than it sometimes is, although less productive than I really wanted it to be.  That was, possibly, because of the miserably hot and muggy weather with which Chicago was visited today. I love this city, I love nearly everything about it. The summer climate is not one of those things.

Having helped made real one of lj's more diabolical purposes - that of recording the most banal of my daily activities for worldwide consumption and thereby nurturing vast growing fields of stupid - I shall retreat to my bedroom, for a triumphant sleep. (Any sleep I get prior to 2 a.m. is vastly triumphant. Or triumphal.)

Tags: meanderings, silly, stupidity

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