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Dept. of Surgery Day

Operation Get BB Back to Optimal Ocular Outlook

It's the end of the day. BB is sleeping on the couch, one eye very piratical. I will be quite fierce with him if he does anything like bend over, or try to pick up things, both of which activities are prohibited over the next day, and highly discouraged over the next week. 

I'd been hoping to get some work done at the hospital; in BB's previous hospital forays - much more serious and much lengthier - I'd gotten into the habit of setting up my laptop in the hospital's business center and trying at least to get some stories written. This was a different hospital, albeit the same health system, and a much, much different procedure. Very short. Still, we were there for four hours or so, what with the lead-up time and the time in recovery.  So I am hoping to get up extremely early tomorrow to get some work done before I have to take him to his follow up appointment. And then, of course, get some work done thereafter.  I'm grateful to my editor for being very flexible. 

Thanks to everyone who wished him well; those wishes seemed to do the trick, and I appreciate them. 

I went through a bit of a melt-down yesterday, because I got thrown another job to do as condo board president that, while not all that difficult, is a bit tedious. I over-reacted, although the only person to see me over-react was BB. I will get that work done tomorrow, or over the weekend. Since at least one step is scanning something into the computer, which is a task BB usually does, I may need him to at least walk me through the task. Yes, I am that much of a Luddite, unfortunately.) 

Possibly the meltdown was also because I had to run the Guild's monthly meeting, something I don't necessarily look forward to. Especially since Crazy Union Puppy is always there. He's less difficult to deal with, insofar as he's only CUP about half the time, and the other half of the time he's turning into a reasonably good leader, but still ... CUP. And yes, I inch ever closer to deciding not to run. I almost told people last night, but I didn't want a couple of people there to get all squirrely about it. 

And possibly the meltdown was because I've been tasked with political lobbying in Cleveland next weekend. I'm not all that good at it, so I'm glad to have going with me the woman who I think I'll support as Guild local prez if I decide to duck the hell out of the job. We're driving, to save the local money, so I'm going to get there tired and get home tired. Yay. 

Still, there are good things: first off, obviously, BB will be able to see better, very soon. His left eye's done, and in a couple-three weeks, he'll get his right eye done, and then it's on to reading glasses instead of thick, thick glasses, and he'll finally be able to read the books he hasn't been able to read for several months. That's a true hurrah!

And I've managed to get past 1,000 words on one of my MCU fics, while the other one is almost to 1,000. Go, me!

I've also re-read Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen for the second time, and The Goblin Emperor for the third time. I like the first not despite it's lack of plotty plot but because of that; Bujold is so good at the interior life of her characters, and I am so glad to see Cordelia happy. Bujold doesn't do sappy, and there were a few moments that really hit me hard because they were kind of pitiless reckonings of life spans, for instance, but I like that. 

As for The Goblin Emperor, I just love the world, and the characters, particularly Maia. There should be more characters out there like him; good, and, again, not sappy.  I think the author has said that she doesn't expect to write any more in this universe. I'd love to learn that she's changed her mind, because Maia's world, his allies, his friends (to the extent that an emperor can have friends - which is to a surprising extent), his empire, and the world in which it is only a small part, are so fascinating that they beg for more tales. 

And now I must away to bed.

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