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Dept. of Weird

Dreams. Go Figure.

I rarely talk about my dreams here. No, wait, I actually never talk about my dreams here.

But last night I dreamed about being in some sort of polyamorous marriage with Mark Ruffalo and Tilda Swinton, and having twins with Ruffalo, a girl named Ishtar and a boy named London. Who I had to introduce to an older boy and girl who I think must have been their half siblings courtesy of Tilda.

I ... I think I'm afraid to go back to sleep.

Ruffalo was absolutely lovely, mind you.

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Apr. 17th, 2016 01:28 am (UTC)
Oh, man, I would KILL to have a dream like that! I'm so jealous! 99.99% of my dreams involve missing trains and/ or being late for something. : (

The nicest dream I ever had, David Tennant came as a guest to the college where I work. He was making some kind of appearance/ presentation in the college theater (which actually makes sense, as the theater is well-known locally for its family-friendly productions), and I was his hostess/ minder for the day. In my dream, he was so lovely and enthusiastic about the chance to talk to kids who wanted to go into theater for a living. And of course, it was a beautiful, sunny, spring-like day. Kind of a bummer to wake up from a dream like that, but it was awesome to have had it at all.

But Mark Ruffalo AND Tilda Swinton in the same dream? That's like hitting the sleepyland lottery. And I am SO going to write a story someday with kids named Ishtar and London!
Apr. 17th, 2016 04:44 pm (UTC)
Your dream with Tennant sounds lovely!

I don't get dreams like this very often either, which is what left me gobsmacked about it in the first place. Yeah...Swinton and Ruffalo together? Not sure what my subconscious was thinking when it put them into the same dreamscape. I had more contact with Ruffalo in the dream; Tilda was sort of there, like some pale omniscient godlet. Heh.

And I am SO going to write a story someday with kids named Ishtar and London!

Heh - let's both do that, and then compare our stories! (It makes me want to open up an "Ishtar and London" fic challenge, but I've never organized a challenge and haven't the least idea how to do it.)
Apr. 18th, 2016 01:54 am (UTC)
The Tennant dream was definitely one of the best ones I've ever had.

ROTFL about Tilda as a "pale omniscient godlet."

Maybe someday I can have a dream about meeting Ruffalo on a train--hopefully not one I'm running late for. : )
Apr. 18th, 2016 01:56 pm (UTC)
-hopefully not one I'm running late for.

I hate dreams like that; so perhaps you can have a dream about meeting him in a nice restaurant? To which he's invited you?
Apr. 19th, 2016 08:17 pm (UTC)
I would love a dream like that! Anything that doesn't involve running for a train. : )
Apr. 19th, 2016 08:59 pm (UTC)

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