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Dept. of Small Mercies

The Weekend. Dear Lord, the Weekend

Monday: Sinead
Tuesday: More Sinead
Wednesday: Union rep at two discipline hearings, 1 clearcut, 1 less so. Learned I'd be getting another town added to my beats, with at least 3 more beats in said town.
Thursday: Can't remember, because of Monday-Wednesday. Not enough stories written
Friday: Results of discipline hearings. Teh Suck. Not enough stories written.

BUT ... This

Also, old-fashioned jazz, and a mimosa.

And a very handsome husband.

Maybe things are looking up?

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May. 30th, 2016 10:07 pm (UTC)
Re: Catching up on my friends feed, Part 2
So what I'm saying is that I've always kind of assumed that each staff writer gets a town, some extra stuff on top of it, and we stringers filled in whichever towns Pioneer Press wouldn't hire staff reporters for. I didn't realize staff writers had beats (other then sports and entertainment)

Actually, you're correct. My official beat is Wilmette - but that includes several sub-beats; Wilmette municipality, Wilmette police, Wilmette Park District, School District 39, School District 37, School District 38. Smaller sub-beats that I was responsible for: Kenilworth police, Kenilworth village.

Each of those could be considered a bit in and of themselves, because they can generate a surprising amount of news, which I can only partly cover. In a larger community, one reporter might be assigned the school beat, another might be assigned solely to cops, while another might handle the municipalities.

Some of them I cover regularly and constantly. Others I only occasionally get to, or only do features on.

With Winnetka, I imagine I'll try to focus on the village and park board, at least major village stories, and features from the park district. That will definitely be what I have to do with the school districts up there. So, yeah, loads of fun.

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