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Dept. of Long Time, No Post

Again, I'm Trying Again

Perhaps I should stop using Twitter; my attention span has melted like snow, and my ability to think cogent, long-form thoughts has melted along with it.  Three times I've tried to write a post worth someone's time; three times I've failed. And we're not talking about the multiple days that I just didn't try to begin with, or the multiple days I didn't read my f'list, or, reading, did not comment.

Ah, me. As we are wont to say in our house about whinging too damned much: Grumble, grumble, grumble, whale meat again.

(Hey, it's a thing. A kaffyr and BB and FB thing. ... Ahem ... Perhaps one had to be there?)

In new TMI news, I went through roughly a week of intermittent nausea that became absolutely awful on Saturday. One doctor's visit later, I need to get a gallbladder scan, and I've been told to lose a little weight, cut the caffeine and cut my stress. Cut my caffeine? Eurgh. I already don't drink coffee much anymore. Cut my weight? Yeah, probably.

Cut my stress?


Oops. Thinking out loud again.

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Aug. 4th, 2016 04:27 am (UTC)
I enjoy your thoughts.

And I yours; I just don't say that nearly enough, to you or others.

We have family phrases like that one too, mostly quotes.

Indeed, I think we many like that, including "I don't think anyone actually saw the candidate eat the rat." (Paraphrased from a long-ago National Lampoon - and, unfortunately, all too real this year, now that I think on it. Depressing ....) As well as "Dear God, perfect ice-cubes again!" from a cartoon of a woman weeping for joy at the door of her refrigerator. We don't even know why it makes us laugh. As for the whale meat quote, I was made curious, and went a-Googling and found out that "Whale Meat Again" was the name of Jim Capaldi's second album. It's also, apparently, the punchline for a rather old, rude, and possibly racist British joke, but there was less about that.

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