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I Am Not - Repeat, Not - Going To Give Up On Posting. Or Responding To Posts

Because all of you out there are very important to me. 

I realize that the last few months have seen epic absence from me. Somehow, each day at work has been so much more stressful than it's been in the past, that getting off work in the evening doesn't leave me with enough energy to communicate. I haven't worked out why that seems to be the case - certainly, I've posted like mad during previous periods of extremely high stress - and perhaps it's counter-productive to wonder at the reasons. Poking a stick at a dead horse doesn't do anything for you or the horse. 

Instead, I should be focusing on making the energy I do have work for me. And that means staying away from YouTube videos and spending more time putting together words that make sentences that make paragraphs, as one old boss of mine once said. (An anthropologist turned typographer, as it happens, and not, as you might think, one of my editing bosses. My typography boss told people that that was what she did for a living, and I liked the phraseology. She meant that she provided the bricks and mortar of language, building what people wanted her to build, while my job, once I got back to the world of reporting, was somewhat different. Still, a great phrase. And by commenting on it, and its origins, I have contrived to write an entire bunch of words, turning them into sentences and - finally, hurrah - an entire paragraph.) 

I'm a fucking genius, I am. 

(Also, when it comes to YouTube videos, I've binge-watched everything I can from Hamilton, and, oddly (because I've never watched the show), numerous videos having to do with The Black List. I think, if I had the energy to watch another television series, I might want to watch that. James Spader is eminently watchable, no matter his age.)

I spent this afternoon collecting signatures on a petition asking one of the owners of Wrapports (my former company, which still owns the Sun Times) to negotiate in good faith and agree to a decent contract for reporters and editors working for one of Wrapports' remained titles, The Chicago Reader. I walked along Michigan Avenue, just west of where the Chicago Jazz Fest was happening in Millennium Park, and managed to get about two pages of signatures. Not only was the walking draining, but the smiling spiel - which has to be interactive to work at all - was even more draining. But it worked, only one person who heard it said "no." And it felt good doing this on behalf the Reader folk, who have been negotiating for something like nine months in an effort to get their first contract. I remember being there; I remember leafletting on behalf of my own contract efforts. These folks are my union brothers and sisters, and they deserve whatever support we can give them, particularly since it's Labor Day weekend. 

Being downtown collecting signatures also allowed  me to totter over, at the end of my shift, to the outer fringes of the Jazz Fest. I didn't hear any music there, although I heard some great music from some of the street performers along Michigan, but I did go over to the tent staffed by people from my favorite jazz radio station, WDCB, tell them how much I appreciated them, and buy a tee-shirt from them. Which I am currently wearing. It's very comfortable. 

In six and a half days, Bob and I will be in Nova Scotia. I am so excited, and I have so damned much to do before we climb onto the plane, but I will get it done. I've gotten in touch with a couple of friends, and will do more long-distance logistics this weekend, to ensure that we can meet and have coffee or supper. And I'm looking for a good steak house in Halifax to take my brother. He told me I owed him a good dinner, and by god, I'm going to deliver!

Bob and I are slowly making it through the first season of Game of Thrones. I am slowly making it through Chapter 26 of Hearts and Moons. However, I've decided I'm not going to post this chapter until I'm almost done with the penultimate chapter, and perhaps not until I've got the entire rest of the story done. That way, perhaps I can actually post and say "It's all done! Now y'all can read it!" 

OK. Now I'm going to brush and floss my teeth and make myself a Big Ass Martini. I haven't actually had one of those recently; my stomach (oh, did I mention that I apparently have a hiatal hernia? Yup.) hasn't taken well to them, so I've been enjoying my sake-gin-and-strawberry drink, which I've declared to be a hana ichigo. It's a lot less hard on my stomach since it has far less gin in it, but damnit, I want a real martini before I head to Nova Scotia, where I probably won't do much drinking, out of respect for my brother. 

Dear lord, I'm babbling like a brook. It's time for me to cease. But I can tell you that it's wonderful actually having the time and energy to post. I'm very happy about that. 
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