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Songs that make you cry

And that's a good thing.

I was on my way to work this morning when I heard "Falling Slowly" which, apparently, is from a movie I've not seen, "Once." I've heard it about four times so far, and each time, I've cried. And it's the kind of crying you get from listening to those songs. It's not quite sad, but I'm not certain that it's crying for joy, either. Is it? Do you think so? Perhaps the best way to describe it is that the tears carry away the excess awareness that a song like that shoots directly into your veins. If you didn't cry, the knowledge the song brings you - too much, all at once - would make you explode, or perhaps just disappear in some fashion, just disappear into the world the song showed you.

On second thought, perhaps that's what crying for joy means...falling in love with the world so much that you have to cry to keep yourself human, or else risk transforming into something else, transforming into the world .

Or, you know, not.

Any songs that make you cry? I'd be interested in hearing.
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