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Today is Sunday

Tonight there will be a presidential debate, one during which hundreds of thousands of viewers will sit, waiting for the moment when Donald Trump finally, completely, mesmerisingly, permanently, unforgettably loses his shit for real, and sends the GOP into a death spiral* so complete that one could get sick on the juicy, deliciously rich schadenfreude.

But that's tonight. And perhaps I won't even watch, because I've already shouted myself almost hoarse this weekend, in the service of something far more joyous, which you'll see under the cut.

So today, this very sunny afternoon, I'm going to share with you two things:

This is a picture and a very short piece of video - both extremely badly shot by me in the middle of a sweaty little bar concert - of FB playing with his first real band, Still Not Sexy, during their 16-year reunion show at Beat Kitchen Friday night. It was a one and done - everyone in the band has moved on to different things, although they all are still deeply invested in, or working in some small or large part in, music - but this reunion was a labor of love. And they were completely floored by the number of people who loved them in the past who came to reunite with them at this midnight show. The (unfortunately fuzzy) skinny guy on lead guitar is FB, and the muscular fellow playing with him is Evan, the band leader, and a pretty nice guy. I included the little bit of video because it was them doing a little bit of stage-craft during a guitar break.

And the final video is a song by one of my first friends in Chicago, Steve Erwin (or as we knew him, Stevie, Stevie, Stevie.) The voice of an angel, and he wrote pretty darned good songs. Slight ego-boo for BB in the comments, in which he references my beloved teaching him about Tim Buckley.).

 photo a996d820-5a13-4112-a7e4-daeda99d114c_zps5v3il19p.jpg

* Actually, I hope it's not a death spiral. The two-party system may not be ideal, but it sure as hell beats the one-party system. I'd just like something a little less batshit crazy than the current version of the Grand Old Party.

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