kaffyr (kaffyr) wrote,

Late at night

Someone I should learn more about
    I'm watching David Simon, creator of The Wire, talking to Charlie Rose, and I'm struck by how deep his sadness, and anger, and frustration about America's future run.
    First, I have to say I never watched The Wire during its very distinguished run, because I don't get HBO. I might not have watched it, even if HBO were in my cable package, although I have no doubt it was as good as everyone said, because I am a bear of very little emotional backbone. The real world breaks my heart enough, thank you very much. For much the same reason, this middle-brow female will probably not watch Simon's new seven-episode show about soldiers in Iraq, Generation Kill.
    But that doesn't change the fact that I was impressed with Simon. His intensity, his humor, and his righteous ire and heartbreak struck me as a reflection of his deep patriotism. Only people who love their country intensely, and believe in it deeply, can get that sad and angry over what they see as its mistakes.
Tags: interesting people, meanderings
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