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Post Deluge Ruminations

Some of these are gathered from comments I've made in earlier post-election conversations here and on LJ. Others I've thought about more recently.

1.We are witnessing a worldwide paroxysm of counter-revolution, by people who were in power under the old status quo - or, equally important and possibly more frightening, those who weren't in power but who thought and hoped and were duped into believing they could be in power under the old status quo - who are making what I have to believe is a last ditch stand against the forces of progress.

The problem with understanding (or hoping) that this is a last ditch stand, and that it is bound to fail if we all fight hard enough, is that we also understand that the last ditch stand can last years, and that countless millions of lives can be ruined.

And with the world past the brink of ecological disaster, with said disaster encouraging and exacerbating wars across the globe, we no longer have the relative luxury of mourning those millions but looking with hope to the future. Because if the counter-revolution succeeds, even for a few years, our globe is, not to put too fine a point on it, fucked.

2. I'm terrified, and the only strike against me is that I'm a woman. I have gay friends. I have black friends. I know people whoa re Muslim and Hispanic, and they are all under far more serious threat. This is the fucking death of the Weimar Republic being played out right here.

3. Irrationally, I found myself thinking, "you absolute fool; you cheered when the Chicago Cubs won a World Series after 108 years, willfully forgetting that if something so unexpected could happen in sports, it could happen in politics."

4. I am so done, so very done, with calls, mostly from the loosely aligned tribe that I call "my side," to "understand where Trump voters are coming from." I am very sorry to say that I pretty much know where they're coming from. They are either right on board with Trump's racism, misogyny, nativism, no-nothingism, et-bloody-cetera, or they were willing to let it slide for the reality show fun of sticking it to the man. The first is repugnant, the second is mind-bogglingly tragic because what that means is that millions of people voted for Trump because they unconsciously wanted the immediate, no-effort, "tonight on E-TV!" change that Trump promised, because they've lived in reality TV-land for years - and it didn't dawn on them that the fun of sticking it to the man with a man like Trump, who "tells it like it is," whatever the fuck that threadbare and bathetic phrase means, comes to an early end, while Trump and his minions go on. So, no, I'm not going to try to understand those people. We're always the ones who try to understand, and the people we understand always stick a shiv between our ribs. Done. Fucking done.

5.I think I am becoming less circumspect about how and when I show my political leanings and my cultural beliefs. Why the hell should I worry about my bosses' displeasure when I'm thisclose (relatively speaking) to retirement? This election has changed the country in a fundamental and dangerous way, and I need to be as active as I can - or at least not worrying about giving money to causes that will now desperately need my money.

6. Thanksgiving is going to be a challenging exercise in scraping the bottom of the barrel for things to be thankful for. The one thing I
can think of is you, and my family, and the close friends who might as well be family; all of you are precious to me.

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