kaffyr (kaffyr) wrote,

Dept. of Pretentiousness

For [personal profile] merrymaia

Because she reminded me that I once upon a time wrote poetry, and because she loves the outdoor world more than I do.

What they said to me, what I learned
Brightest green, those leaves.
Light interrupted on its way to earth
burns through.
Green flame shivers and licks up, green water slides and drips down.
Look at those leaves.
Hints of gold in each vein - nothing is as simple as it first seems.
Up close each leaf smells of light
and shoots into your brain,
chokes you with life.
It leads you on and on,
green leaves, all dizzying,
until you throw your head back and sink down.
Lay with your face to the canopy.
Blue sky peeks through green.
Precious sky with unborn stars.
Precious green with incarnated ecstasy.
Save me.
Let me be good,
good as green leaves.
May 19, 1998

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Tags: meanderings, poetry, self-absorption

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