kaffyr (kaffyr) wrote,

Animal Cruelty

Little Shadow
     As I was walking home today, I met a very friendly, very tiny, black cat, about a block from our place. When I stooped to pet him, I was horrified to find that he had an entire section of skin and fur missing from one of his front legs, thanks to an only partially healed wound. He also had some smaller wounds on his back, and it was obvious he'd narrowly escaped from a larger animal's clutches. He was also skeletally thin. I went home and got BB and FB, some food and water, and a cat carrier. We decided that it was better to take him to an emergency vet's, even though they'd have to transfer him in the morning to Animal Control, than leave him out there.
    Unfortunately, he had other ideas. He got a little nervous when a crowd of would-be helpers came around to join us, and he wouldn't let BB bandage up his leg. Nor would he stay inside the cat carrier. So we left food and water for him; we'll try again in the morning. I'm worried, because BB said he saw a dog's fang mark in one of the wounds, and there are a number of people in this neighborhood, with bull terriers and the view that cats are bait. The little guy was so obviously a lost or abandoned pet, it just made me crazy. If we can't catch him, then I'll just try keeping him in food. If nothing else, maybe we can put enough poundage on him to give him a fighting chance out on the street.
    If we can get him, the emergency vet's place we talked to said there was a (faint) possibility he might be on their lost cat list; if we get him in and they find he has a chip, then we might be able to get him to his original people.
    Unfortunately, I'm afraid this little shadow was abandoned, because I've seen no posters around that might indicate someone was looking for him. I hate that thought. It's pure and simple animal cruelty. 
Tags: cats!, evil shit, life in the circus

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