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Shadow Sighting
     As I walked home tonight, I saw the little shadow, and I was so pleased.
     I'd worried about him this morning, when I went over and noticed that the bowl in which we'd placed some cat food was gone. (Yeah, someone stole a kibble-filled bowl. Such an attractive trait in a person.) I poured more food on the ground where the bowl had been, and refilled the water bowl we'd left there. I was glad no one took that, because it was up in the 90s today.
    By this evening, the water bowl was so far inside the building fence that I couldn't reach it, but it was full of water. The bowl had to have been moved, because the dirt on which I'd placed it had all been ploughed up by the workers landscaping the apartment gut job that has been the shadow's stomping ground. My guess is that one of the workers may have decided to keep the little guy hydrated. So that's a good thing.
    And he was there tonight. I still had about two thirds of the sandwich bag of cat food, so I gave it to him. And went home feeling a bit better. He's still alive!
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