kaffyr (kaffyr) wrote,

Dept. of I Aten't Dead

But I Aten't All That Well, Either

Hi there; remember me? I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't, since I haven't posted much in days. I kept waiting for something good to talk about. And I didn't have any. Well, I was proud of continuing to work on Chapter 27, but that didn't seem worth a lot of space. (Almost done, which, once it's done, makes two new chapters ready to go. I'm even playing with the idea of starting to put Hearts and Moons up over on AO3, one chapter every week or so; that would put some pressure on me to actually finish the story, but I'm not certain it's the right kind of pressure.)

And I'm still dealing with back spasms. I got through a first bout, and was free of pain when my vacation started. And then on Wednesday, the spasms reappeared. And they haven't left yet. Which means that the tattoo I'd planned to talk about getting this week? I haven't gotten it yet.

So what else to talk about, to keep my mind off my pain? Politics? No. Just no.

The world? A world that quite rightly mourns 22 people killed because they were at at a pop concert, but doesn't spent much time mourning the 100-plus dead and 460-plus injured in Kabul on May 31; a world that pays attention to and spends a lot of time joking about a misspelling of "coverage" from someone we should be paying attention to for completely different reasons; a world where a man body slams a journalist and gets elected the next day ... nope, nothing there that I want to pay attention to either.

And tonight, I'm hearing news of another terrorist incident in London. Christ.

Let's see how Sunday goes.

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Tags: evil shit, pain, what fresh hell, wtf?

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